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Metadata is Guessed Incorrectly During Scans
Updated by Russell Samuels on Nov 13, 2014

By default, MediaMonkey uses a set of rules to guess any track properties that are not defined in tags. If MediaMonkey is regularly guessing track properties incorrectly, those rules can be easily changed.

These rules are stored within the [SongMasks] section of the MediaMonkey.ini file. To change the rules used to guess track properties:

  1. Close MediaMonkey (so that it doesn't overwrite any of the changes)
  2. Back up the .ini file. If you're not sure where to find it, see:
  3. Open the .ini file inside a text editor such as notepad
  4. Edit, re-order, or delete the masks in the [SongMasks] section of the file. The variables are not documented anywhere, however, it's fairly easy to figure out what they are by comparing masks in the .ini file to those which appear in MediaMonkey. Some of the basic ones are:
  5. Save the .ini file.
  6. Restart MediaMonkey
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