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Database Errors in MediaMonkey 2.5
Updated by Russell Samuels on Nov 13, 2014

There are 2 possible reasons for database errors:
1. The Microsoft Data Access components on your system are not installed correctly. This can occur on some systems when an application installs or uninstalls these components incorrectly. If this problem exists, it will manifest itself as soon as you install MediaMonkey, with a variety of database errors.
2. The database has been corrupted. This can occur when MediaMonkey has been installed and running, and then all of a sudden, database problems occur.

To correct the problem of incorrectly installed database components:
1. Close MediaMonkey
2. Install the latest version of Jet Drivers appropriate to your operating system:
3. AFTER the Jet drivers have been installed, install up to date MDAC components:
This should trigger components of the Jet drivers to register, after which your system (& MediaMonkey) should function properly
4. If this fails to resolve the problem, it may be that some MDAC or JET components are incorrectly registered (usually caused by 3rd party applications). Some users have had success using the following tools to resolve this:

To correct the problem of a corrupted database:
1. Try running the maintain database function via File | Maintain Library | Compact Database
2. If the above fails, you may have to delete the database (in ...My Documents\My Music\MediaMonkey\MediaMonkey.mdb) and replace it with a backup or a clean database (from \Program Files\MediaMonkey\MediaMonkey.mdb), and then rescan your tracks. Note that this may result in some data loss for any metadata that is stored exclusively in the database (most metadata is stored in the database and in tags).

If you still observe a problem, see:

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