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 Album Art is missing or mixed up for tracks synced to the iPod / iPhone
There are several cases in which Album Art may be missing or mixed up for
tracks synced to an iPhone or iPod.

1) If you use both MediaMonkey and iTunes you may find that Album Art is missing
from some tracks on your iPod / iPhone. This is due to a bug in iTunes which
deletes Album Art when iTunes Analyzes the Volume / Audio of tracks on the iPod,
for tracks that aren't stored in the iTunes library.

To solve this problem disable Volume Analysis in iTunes by deselecting
'Soundcheck' on the Edit > Preferences > Playback panel.

If you want tracks to play back at level volume on the iPod, just configure
MediaMonkey to analyse volume (automatically if you wish), and enable
'Soundcheck' on the iPod / iPhone (but not in iTunes).

2) In some cases, album art is mixed up on tracks synced to an iPhone or iPod
Touch. This seems to occur most often when both MediaMonkey and iTunes
are used to sync music to the device.

To solve the problem:
a) Clear all tracks from MediaMonkey's auto-synch list and then auto-sync to
clear the device.
o Go to the Device Profile > Autosync tab and deselect all items and click 'OK'
o Make certain that auto-sync is enabled (click the 'v' next to the device icon)
o Click the device icon to auto-sync
b) Reset the auto-sync list and sync tracks to the device
c) Make sure not to use both iTunes and MediaMonkey to manage audio files

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