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 Sync with an iPod using Rockbox firmware
MediaMonkey can sync to an iPod using Rockbox firmware.
See: http://www.rockbox.org/

By default, though, MediaMonkey's iPod Plug-in does not allow .m3u
files to be exported to the iPod (relying instead on the iPod's
database for playlist synchronization). From here, there are two
options that you can take in order to get playlists on your iPod to be
recognized by Rockbox.

1) If you plan on using Rockbox only (and not loading the Apple firmware)
you can have the iPod recognized by the USBmass plugin. Go to
Tools | Options | Portable/Audio Devices, click the USBmass plugin
and then 'Configure', and on the Device Configuration Tab, click
'Find Device'. In the future, the device will be recognized by this plug-in.
You'll now be able to sync your playlists to the iPod in the .m3u format,
and you can sync your files into directories and filenames of your choice.
If you use the iPod plugin, filenames will be limited to 4 characters.

2) If you plan on using both Rockbox and the Apple firmware, you'll need to
sync your iPod with the iPod plugin. By default, syncing .m3u playlists
with the iPod plugin is disabled.

MediaMonkey 2.5.5 and higher can get around this limitation
through a small change to the registry:

For MediaMonkey 2.5.5:
1) Create a DWORD value:
{Serial number here}/EnableM3UConfiguration
2) Set the value to '1'

For MediaMonkey 3.x.x:
1) Create a DWORD value:
{Serial number here}/EnableM3UConfiguration
2) Set the value to '1'

After making this change, the plug-in will allow you to enable
the 'Copy Playlists' option which will cause .m3u playlists to
sync to the iPod.

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