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MediaMonkey Addons let you customize and extend MediaMonkey to meet your needs. Most addons can be installed by simply downloading and running them. For additional info please refer to our knowledge base.

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A WMDM plug-in is included MediaMonkey for most MP3 Players and Phones that are compatible with Windows (excluding the Zune). Such devices are often labelled as 'MTP' devices or 'Plays for Sure'. The plug-in synchronizes whatever audio/video formats are supported by the device along with related properties including Album Art, ratings, play history, and Playlists (assuming they are supported by the device). Note that this plug-in does not sync WMA files protected by DRM 10. Devices known to be compatible include most recent iRiver, Creative Labs, Sony, Sandisk, and other players.

By Ventis Media, Inc.
Submitted by rusty
Updated 14/06/2011

Version History / Details
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Version History / Details

Works with:
Media Monkey 4 - 4.9
This is a link to the current version of MediaMonkey 4, which bundles this plug-in.