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XPORTY is a MediaMonkey script that will put you in complete control of the folder and file structure -and hence the playing order- on your target device when exporting tracks.

XPORTY 's features are:

  • 9 different folder modes which let you determine the folder/file structure on the target.
  • Support for popular and classical music.
  • Use genre codes to enhance your listening experience.
  • Use playlist names, abbreviated playlist names and playlist presets.
  • Use the playlist track order and control the track numbering convention.
  • Control the track format.
  • Extensive error handling.

All settings can be changed by simply changing the name of your MediaMonkey playlist; it is not necessary to edit the script itself.

The script comes with a comprehensive, 100+ page manual that consists of two parts: how to organize your music collection properly and how to use XPORTY.

By FunnyFish
Submitted by FunnyFish
Updated 15/02/2012

Version History / Details
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Version History / Details

2.98 MB
Works with:
Media Monkey 3 - 4



The installation ZIP file comes with:

  • The XPORTY manual, XPORTY.PDF.
  • The XPORTY script, XPORTY.TXT.
  • The release notes, XPORTY.RelNotes.XLS
  • A readable version of the script, XPORTY CR.TXT.

The manual contains all you need to know about installing and using the script, but can also be used as a stand-alone tutorial onhow to organize and tag your tracks in order to get the most out of your precious music collection.