What means "http error code 12019"

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Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by botanical » Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:05 pm

Thank you gentlemen, You save me a google search

Best regards

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by WimYogya » Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:36 am

no problems, the quake was about 3000 km from me - without damage and victims there and here... thanks

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by rovingcowboy » Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:20 am

never can tell with them sharks. that is why i tossed that info out to you.

by the way i heard there was another earthquake over by you a few days ago.
i hope you are fine and your family is safe. 8)

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by WimYogya » Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:52 am

The explanation with different routes and servers handling different procedures and protocols for certain file types - and not all of them excepting .elf files, makes sense to me.
But if that is the case, why does MM not change the message procedure then? Coz in that case I must for sure be just one out of many users that have this problem.
Or am I the only one?

I do NOT think the problem is caused by earthquake or sharks.

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by rovingcowboy » Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:33 am

well when i get the same thing i always get the can not connect to the server.
which rusty then fixes in the next update,

if you keep getting constant results of 80% going through and 20% not going through.
then i'm thinking you have some conflict in your email client.
and that can be one of the servers it hops through on the way to mediamonkeys site is not
liking the elf file being sent through when that elf exte.. is used. it reads a little like a script
and servers are blocking the sending of scripts unless it is changed to a none exe file type. since
the one sever might not know what elf. is it will scan it see something looking like a script and stop it
from going through thinking the elf is an exe file with a messed up spelling to fake its way by the server.
but a txt file or a zip file is not a self run file type so they get by.

reason it seems to let some through and not the others is the email never takes the same path to the location all the time.
it will change which servers it hops through if one server is backed up or crashed. sometimes it might hop through 3 servers other times it could hop through 40 or 100 servers depends on how many road blocks it runs in too.
so any of them servers could cause it to stop. there is also a time out limit on servers trying to send things which if that limit is reached it fails to send the file.

when i get that can not connect to server i can not connect at all until rusty fixes it in the next update.
that is leading me to believe you are having trouble going through a server some place.
i thought i seen you are overseas from canada or the usa with the earthquake in japan this spring it is possible there
are lots of messed up servers and all trying to go to london to get to canada making a big traffic jam.
that might not be the case but it is very likely the cause of it.

everyone forgets these messages are sent by underwater cables to the different places in the world some times they
are also bit by sharks which sense the electrical current in the cable this too can cause a failure to send.
they found that not only sharks bit the cables but so do sper whales and most any other thing that feeds on the bottom
of the ocean. the cables are thick but you know just a pinch of the cord in the wall can break the wire and shut off the tv.
so there are the other reasons i think it can be caused by but it is not monkeys code that is doing it, unless a plug in code is messing with it. :-?

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by WimYogya » Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:03 am

i informed rusty and ludek and other developers already several times.
they didnt come up with a solution.
also your explanation is not convincing.
if .elf files are so difficult to send, why then is just 80% rejected and not 100%?

in 80% of the MM-crashes i cannot send the popup crash report, but in 20% it works.

i did send .elf files to ludek a few times already, but i am still looking for the way to do it via the way MM designed for it...

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by rovingcowboy » Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:46 am

your sending in the support ticket from the popup report that shows on a mediamonkey crash?

if so there was trouble with it a few updates back in mm 4 beta. it would not connect to the server.
could be the same error you are getting only for a different reason, you might want to tell rusty its not sending them
from the send button.
and then go get the elf file in the monkey's program files folder and send that in to support by zipping it in to a zip file.
some email servers don't like unknown file ext.. going through them which makes sending the elf file as that a hard thing to do. i said zip it up but you could change it to a txt file tell them in email message to change it back to elf.


Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by WimYogya » Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:28 am

But I don't use that software at all.
So you also have no clue what I am supposed to do?
Who does?

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by Lowlander » Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:31 pm

That seems to belong to the software the post was on.

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by WimYogya » Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:26 pm

The provided links only give more riddles:
This can be avoided by specifying INTERNET_FLAG_NO_CACHE_WRITE in the call to HttpOpenRequest. Here's an example:
HINTERNET hRequest = HttpOpenRequest(hConnect, "POST", "servername",
Error Code 12019
System error code 12019 means "The requested operation cannot be carried out because the handle supplied is not in the correct state." This error code may also display as "ERROR_INTERNET_INCORRECT_HANDLE_STATE" or as a specific value.

I have absolutely no idea what it means and what I am supposed to do.
Who does?

Re: What means "http error code 12019"

by Lowlander » Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:25 am

The error 12019 is named ERROR_INTERNET_INCORRECT_HANDLE_STATE which means a corruption during the transmission.
from: http://support.genopro.com/Topic14017-59-1.aspx
http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerr ... 099.01.htm

What means "http error code 12019"

by WimYogya » Fri Sep 02, 2011 4:27 am

I mentioned several times already that sending MM error messages often fails (around 80% of the time), no clue why.
Various people suggested it might be my firewall, but I have no exclusion for MM, nor do I change the settings at anytime, so why would the firewall let 20% of the messages pass and the rest not? Censorship? ;-)

Everytime when sending fails, I get this mysterious message:
"http error code 12019".
What does it mean?
I have no idea at all.
Like so often: error messages are useful if they help to say WHAT is wrong, not to give a riddle.
Who can solve the riddle?
What does it mean? What must I do?