Changing Album Replay Gain values

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Changing Album Replay Gain values

by JoePublic » Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:50 pm

Here's a workaround for a longtime MM problem (in my opinion, it's a problem):

Situation: You have an album with multiple tracks (mp3) which you have "analyzed volume" on, so there is a value in the "Album Volume" and "Track Volume" fields. Then you decide to change the Album Name for one of the tracks, creating an album with just one track.

The problem: You can't update the Album Volume value. If you re-analyze the (1 track) album, it won't update the Album Volume value. If the Track and Album Volume values are pretty close to each other, then it doesn't matter. But if the values are way different, then the track isn't going to play at a good volume.

I wish MM would let the user delete the Album Volume value, but it doesn't.

Workaround #1: Create a copy of the lone album track file. Rescan to get it in your library. Then select both tracks and Analyze Volume. The Album Volume field will now update since there are two tracks. Since the two tracks are identical, you'll get a good value in the Album Volume field. Delete the duplicate track and you're good to go.

Workaround #2: Mp3tag is an app that will let you modify the Album Volume value. Open the one-album track in mp3tag. Right-click on the track and select "Extended tags...". Select the REPLAY_ALBUM_GAIN parameter and click the Edit Field button. Change the "db" value to be the same as the REPLAY_TRACK_GAIN field and save. Then go back to MM and Rescan your library. The new value should be recognized. IMO, this is an easier workaround than Workaround #1.