Auto-Organize again

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Re: Auto-Organize again

by Lowlander » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:37 pm

You can't. If you don't enable it the only use is the Unorganized Files node to indicate which files don't match Auto-Organize rules.

Re: Auto-Organize again

by allwi » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:09 pm

Thanks Lowlander,

Yes I understood this ... but I'm still wondering what is the use of Auto-Organize when you don't switch on Automatic?
I.e. how can you tell MM: Apply Auto-Organize now! Can you?
And if you can, to which files does this apply? To all? All in the current collection? Only selected ones?

Many thanks again :)

Re: Auto-Organize again

by Lowlander » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:01 pm

Auto-Organize and Auto-Organize Files are independent. So using one does not translate to the other. So you'd select what files to organize in the Unorganized Files node and then use Auto-Organize Files manually and set the Mask you want (drop-down will remember the last few used for easier switching.

Auto-Organize again

by allwi » Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:17 pm


so far I used 'Auto-Organize Files' to organize the new imported files after I updated and corrected all their properties.
Now that I (finally) want to include some concert videos, I want to have two different way to organise the files based on their type.

After reading through all the threads, I believe it's the easiest to use Auto-Organize and set the filter based on the collection.
So far, so good: I don't like the idea of having run Auto-Organize automatically because many of the media I import is awfully or not tagged at all. So an automatic process would send them to a 'random' location before I can update them.

The doc says (somewhere)
Once rules have been configured you can either:
  • Go to the Files to Edit > Unorganized Tracks node and use the Auto-Organize function to organize Tracks that don't match the desired format
Well ... and that's where I struggle: I see the 'Files to Edit' and the 'Unorganized Tracks node' but how do I trigger from here the 'Auto-Organize', or does this mean 'Use Auto-Organize Files and the correct filter will be used from the Auto-Organise rules based on the filter criteria'??

Two side-question:
  • What happens when the filter criteria are not mutually exclusive? Are the Auto-Organize rules executed in the given order or is only the first rule used?
  • Is there a way to modify the 'Files to edit' node and exclude (aka hide) sub nodes like 'Unknown Composer', 'Unknown Conductor' which I never use?
Many thanks