Synchonisation with Fiio M6

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Re: Synchonisation with Fiio M6

by mpollard » Fri May 07, 2021 6:25 pm

Hi thanks I mean the version of MMA on Amazon. For me at least, currently still 1.4.1 while play store is up to 1.4.3

Re: Synchonisation with Fiio M6

by Peke » Thu May 06, 2021 8:19 pm

mpollard wrote: Tue May 04, 2021 5:23 pm By the way, if at some point the Amazon store version can be updated beyond 1.4.1 that would be great! Many thanks
Are you sure that APK from my link above is not latest version?

Re: Synchonisation with Fiio M6

by mpollard » Tue May 04, 2021 5:23 pm

Hi I am also using MMA with an M6 and wi-fi syncing, had a similar experience to yours.

Now with it all set up it works well, the only small annoyance is gapless playback doesn't work well in MMA on the M6 for me - often there is an audible moment of silence between contiguous tracks. This doesn't happen with the same tracks in the Fiio native app. I do have a very large SD card with mostly FLACs so I am not sure if the size of the library somehow is what causes the pause. The interface of MM is much better than the native Fiio app I find, but in the end due to the gapless issue I use MMA mainly to perform the wifi sync and then do a scan from within the Fiio app and mainly use Fiio app for playback (but scanning new music into the Fiio database is painfully slow as it checks the whole SD card for new files each time...)

By the way, if at some point the Amazon store version can be updated beyond 1.4.1 that would be great! Many thanks

Re: Synchonisation with Fiio M6

by BjörnMichael » Sun May 02, 2021 7:04 am

Thank you very much. Thanks to your help, I finally managed it.

I'd like to add a few points, just in case anyone has the same problem.
a) Don't forget to unlock your FiiO for Third-Part-Apps. (Instructions are on the fiio page. Search for their "white list" with allowed aps. ("How to remove the white-list-limitation") I'm not allowed to put the link in here.
b) After I installed the Amazon-App, the Store-Side in Mediamonkey stayed black, but I could install the MM-Pro-Version directly through the Amazon-Store.
c) I removed MM manualy from my device (as you said) and installed the version from the shop.
d) When I tried Wi-Fi-Sync, MM crashed regulary when it tried to match existing files. I fixed this by formatting the SD-Card and starting all over. (I had to generate the folders "Video", "Music", and "Playlists" manually.)

Since then it works perfect.
Only thing is, that sync doesn't start while Mediamonkey is searching automaticly for new/changed files on the device. I don't know why that's necessary since I only update my collection via MM but anyway - I can use it now. Thanks a lot!!

Re: Synchonisation with Fiio M6

by Peke » Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:36 am

You need to install Amazon Store APK to FiiO

1) Plug M6 into PC or Plugin SDcard into Card reader on PC
2) Download the latest version of the Amazon Store app copy it to the SDcard root.
3) I opened the File Maintenance app on the M6, navigate to where you copied it, and ran the APK file.
4) then use MMA to buy MMA Pro on Store and install it
5) Some users Report that they needed to uninstall manually installed MMA and start MMA PRO so that it install official version from store and you should have Pro enabled.

We know it is a bit of hustle, but it is how it is with FiiO.

Synchonisation with Fiio M6

by BjörnMichael » Tue Apr 27, 2021 9:50 am

I run Mediamonkey (Gold) on my PC (Windows 10). I also use it on my samsung tablet wich I updated for WiFi-Sync and it works perfect.
The Synchonisation on my new FiiO M6 via Cable doesn't work as fine (takes a long time, doesn't import all playlists). I wanted to update it for WiFi-Synchronisation, but when I hit the Update or Buy-Button, there comes an otherwise black Medamonkey Amazon Store Side with no options to choose.
Can I get the update any other way?
Hope you can help me. Many thanks in advance.