Synching to a Mapped Drive - Curious Behavior [#17861 ]

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Re: Synching to a Mapped Drive - Curious Behavior [#17861 ]

by IanRTaylorUK » Tue May 18, 2021 2:13 pm

Hi Ludek,

I completely uninstalled MMW5 and then installed the latest 2405 version.

Repeated with a USB connected external drive mapped as my S: drive and was not able to repeat.

So it is possible the problem is fixed. Not able to test at the moment with a WiFi mapped drive on a laptop (as the laptop has been returned).

Re: Synching to a Mapped Drive - Curious Behavior [#17861 ]

by IanRTaylorUK » Sat May 15, 2021 1:39 pm

Thanks Ludek, might be a few days before I can try to repeat using MMW5 Debug installation.

Re: Synching to a Mapped Drive - Curious Behavior

by Ludek » Fri May 14, 2021 8:39 am

That's really curious.

I am unable to replicate the issue, if you still can replicate could you please install debug build and catch it in debug log (item 4b here: ... 30&t=86643 ) ?


EDIT: Nevertheless by testing this I found that the tracks are converted by default, this is unexpected, to be fixed as for the next build.

Synching to a Mapped Drive - Curious Behavior [#17861 ]

by IanRTaylorUK » Fri May 14, 2021 7:06 am

OK so I updated to the latest 2404 version of MMW5 and then created a new "collection" called 21st Century Music (21CM). This collection is for music with a data after 1st January 2000 and contains 20730 tracks out of my 30000+ library. All good so far.

I choose an album from my Entire Library and Play Now before moving the display to 21CM - just something to listen to while I use the new collection. Tracks added to Playing and play OK.

I select the first track of the new 21CM collection and then Select ALL. I then right click and Send To a mapped folder on a laptop. This mapped folder has been previously set-up under Devices / Storage and Services with the 21CM Collection selected under the Sync List(Library--> Device) with conversion / file location / tagging / playlists etc set.

The synch starts:
"Copying to Mapped Drive (Copying xx or yyyyy: Artist - Track) or (Converting)"

Now some interesting things start to happen!
  • Playing changes from the album selected to a arbitrary list
    Each track plays just 10s
    Message pops up "Playback failed: MediaMonkey cannot decode C:\Program Files(x86)\MediaMonkey 5\MediaMonkey 5\Plugins\in_wmp3.dll (or in_mfaudio.dll) (at the 10s mark).
    Copying count increments
    The Playing List has "blank" entries that seem the correspond to the DLLs

If I select a blank entry and right click to remove then I am asked whether I want to remove the DLL from the Playlist Only or database and drive. The DLL is not list in the library when viewing ALL Tracks under Entire Library.

If I select a new album to Play Now, after just 10s it gets displaced by to random choice with half the tracks blank (DLLs). The syn is still running. Cancelling the sync causes a pop-up listing most of the files and the problem of "Conversion of the file failed". Now my tracks go passed the 10s and I can clear the Playing list, add a new album etc.

The following video shows the issue: ... Q?e=g0yoT5