address bar!! like on explorer!

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Re: address bar!! like on explorer!

by ZvezdanD » Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:07 am

zephyr wrote:'FindPlaying' jumps to the relevant branch in the the requested node
Thanks for your kind words. You are right, the mentioned add-on is parsing the path of the currently playing track and it finds that file inside of the Location or My Computer branches.

The same function could be modified to find any specified file, not only the currently playing one, but that would be just a small part of work to implement what you want. The biggest one would be to create the user interface to show/accept the specified paths.

It would be ideal if MM developers allowed the creation of the combo boxes in toolbars, similar to the native Search combo box, as I suggested to them years ago. However, since the scripts are lacking of such possibility, the only way to do the request is to create some dockable panel containing just one combo box which would accept the user-specified paths.

Unfortunately, I am currently short with the time but, since the request is interesting, I will try to write the wanted script when I find some more spare time.

Re: address bar!! like on explorer!

by zephyr » Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:11 pm

Giving it further thought, I think that all of the coding needed to do this* (and much more of course) is already encapsulated in @zvezdand's amazing 'FindCurrentPlayingTrack.mmip'

'FindPlaying' jumps to the relevant branch in the the requested node (library = location, MyComputer = FS I guess) so I had a peek @ the vbs. Alas, I'm not a coder, but it's beautifully commented, with logical naming conventions, and well structured.... (Z ROCKS)

I was therefore easily able to browse the vbs and get a jist.

Sub FindCurrentlyPlayingTrack() deals with getting the Track.
(If I'm right), Lots of the code deals with basically getting the path of the item that's currently playing...

So we need a Dim, to store the path, like

Code: Select all

oSongData = SDB.Player.CurrentSong
The SaveOptionSheet section implies that FindMode '1' is the mode we'll be emulating:

Code: Select all

If oSheet.Common.ChildControl("FindInMyComputer").Checked Then
        SDB.Objects("FindCurrentPlayingTrack").Item("FindMode") = 1
I THINK ZvezdanD starts with some error-checking re MM versioning (can anyone more experienced interpret/validate this script pls?)

Code: Select all

    sSongPath = oSongData.Path
    If SDB.Objects("FindCurrentPlayingTrack").Item("FindMode") = 2 Then
        If Not bNewVersion Then Exit Sub
        bRefresh = True
I don't know what SDB.ProcessMessages does but I guess that

sSongPath = oSongData.Path gets the target path from the 'object song path'

(earlier, line 444, I see Set oSongData = SDB.Player.CurrentSong)

from line 468 I think is the desired operation being achieved in FindCurrentPlaying

Code: Select all

If SDB.Objects("FindCurrentPlayingTrack").Item("FindMode") = 1 Then
            If Mid(sSongPath, 2, 2) = ":\" Then
                sCaption = UCase(Left(sSongPath, 3)) & " [" & sCaption & "]"
                sFolders = Mid(sFolders, 4)
            End If
            SDB.MainTree.Node_MyComputer.Expanded = False
            SDB.MainTree.Node_MyComputer.Expanded = True
            Set oCurNode _
                    = SDB.MainTree.FirstChildNode(SDB.MainTree.Node_MyComputer)
Obviously, some error checking and control building required, but I do think this is possible... if anyone can help at all, I think many might appreciate this added functionality (important q!!does this 'jump to path' behaviour already exist?! either in new MM or via an already developer script/extension?)

Thanks again

contributions welcome

Re: address bar!! like on explorer!

by zephyr » Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:07 pm

Let's imagine that the breadcrumbs in MM and windows are alike



IF absolute file paths (e.g 'C:\Users\Jonny\Downloads\Foo Fighters - In Your Honor (2CD) (2005) [CD-Rip @ 320 kbps]') could be 'resolved' in MM (like they can in Explorer), then we could have a hotkey (like Address bar, or Go To Location, for example), users could provide a path which then instructs MM to navigate to the corresponding address in the 'My Computer' node...

Ideally, the MM Breadcrumbs space would be editable (like in Windows Explorer), but that's a significant overhaul.

To the layman, it doesn't look like there's that much involved in developing some functionality like that, given the path is absolute, and similar 'go to' functionality already exists (I think) in MM (find more from same folder in DB/FS)

Hope that makes sense. Not sure if this has been implemented (yet / since first raised here...)


Re: address bar!! like on explorer!

by Anubis » Mon Jun 06, 2005 5:50 am

Twisted Dirty Logic wrote:address bar!! like on explorer!

so obvious, so small, it would make mediamonkey so much easy to get around in.
And what would you type into this bar?

address bar!! like on explorer!

by Twisted Dirty Logic » Mon Jun 06, 2005 5:23 am

address bar!! like on explorer!

so obvious, so small, it would make mediamonkey so much easy to get around in.