[1442] Sync "profile"

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Re: [1442] Sync "profile"

by telliott » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:47 pm

Any help? There are a few playlists I would like to get on my iPod but there seems to be no way to do that without creating duplicates or going line by line and manually deleting existing songs from my iPod.

There should be a way to automate this since MM knows what songs are in the playlist and what songs are on my iPod.

I may just have to wait till I'm ready to sync everything from scratch again. Problem is, I've manually synced a few things since that aren't on the auto sync list. I wish there was a way to automatically add things to the auto sync list every time I right click and send to a device.


Re: [1442] Sync "profile"

by telliott » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:09 pm

Since auto sync is broken and I'm not currently willing to spend the 12+ hours to start from scratch (especially since it can break again at any time), is there any way to copy a playlist to my iPod without MM simply copying all tracks, whether or not they already exist on the iPod?

I'm sure it will be more stable once MM4 is out of beta


Re: [1442] Sync "profile"

by rusty » Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:35 pm

Hi Tim,
Once sync is broken, is there any way to get it back without starting over?
No. :-(
Can I save and/or port my selections to a new device?
Not directly, but a possible workaround would be to arrange your playlists that you want to sync in a hierarchy (e.g. Playlists to sync > child playlists) so that it's easy to select them. Alternatively, you can create an autoplaylist (e.g. Playlists to sync) containing the child playlists that you want included.


[1442] Sync "profile"

by telliott » Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:00 pm

I'm not sure if profile is the correct term but I have some issues and questions about the set of tracks I have selected to sync with my new iPod Classic 160GB.

It is quite time consuming to go through my large collection in the "Auto sync list" device tab and hand pick just what albums and playlists I want on my iPod. I usually use playlists to pick individual tracks to sync. For example, I have a long playlist of my favorite Beach Boys tracks and I sync that instead of their albums.

The problem started when I was trying to add a few tracks to the little remaining space on my iPod. It said "building sync list" for a while, which is understandable for such a large number of tracks. Then, it said "insufficient space". I was only adding a few tracks so I foolishly told it to continue anyway. One I saw that it wanted to auto delete all tracks on my iPod so I cancelled. All my tracks were there but the iPod only reported 3 tracks so I had to rebuild the database. Once sync is broken, is there any way to get it back without starting over? With such a large collection and auto converting from flac, it took 2 nights overnight to complete.

Also, is there any way to sync the same list to another device? I'm planning to put Rockbox on it eventually once issues have been ironed out and my iPod will be seen as a different device. Can I save and/or port my selections to a new device?