LOVE & HATE MediaMonkey

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Re: LOVE & HATE MediaMonkey

by Peke » Wed Nov 30, 2016 7:56 am

I completely understand you, I tend to severely swear at Windows 10 for similar things like persisting EDGE, and other new to win 10 apps that magically reappear as defaults on each silent update.

Personally one app I have found that is doing magic is

Secrets? What Secrets?
Aren't we proved to be transparent as much as possible?
A fight, why do you think so? I do not think that we have a time to do that as we would like to spend more time on fixing and improving MediaMonkey than fight.

LOVE & HATE MediaMonkey

by rtoledo2002 » Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:34 pm

I know this will probably generate a ton of incorrect answers from people who have POOR reading comprehension, it seems it's that way way too often in Forums, but here goes.

I have used MM for years , mainly because of my intense HATE of ITUNES. but we will Itunes out of this. at first I liked how it seems no matter what other programs did , MM would always OVERWRITE what ever other programs did, and I thought that was awesome. not no more.

I have searched *many* articles on Google about this I have tried using the " default programs " tab in Windows and also the " AUTOPLAY " on the search window of Windows 7, like the one mentioned adnauseum in many searches in this forum , here's the link to that article ... -windows-7

but even that does NOT stay the way I tell it, for example I have 2 IPOD shuffles (because the do not play a song 2 times in a 8 hour period, heaven to me) that I use at work, when I plug them in , MM pops up , so I went to "autoplay " ran that and chose where it says IPOD to " ask me everytime " well that was yesterday , now today I'm ready to redo one of my ipos , I pop it in , and VOILA MM pops up , I also tried setting ti to ITUNEs , but it seems MM wins the battle every time.

any secrets not allowed to be talked about in here , feel free to email me at

happy holidays to all

When I was in " default programs " and chose " set your default programs" , I noticed that when I click on MM , the little boxes have check marks in them , but they are very light colored and CAN NOT be unchecked . WHY is this ? is there a way to uncheck them ?

I have more questions regarding this whole matter , but I will wait for first responders to see what I get

thank you all in advance. life is my life and my happiness , and I THINK , that the awful ITUNES , seems to laod new music into IPODss in a better way to get them to play random , than the way MM does. not putting down MM and not starting a war on it. I have just noticed that