GrauGrün Skin

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Re: GrauGrün Skin

by ggibby » Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:56 am

Won't install on (beta)...

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by Notis » Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:50 am

I love it!


Re: GrauGrün Skin

by DreadM » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:25 pm

rrfpacker wrote:DreadM updated most of his skins in the last couple of days. I'm sure he's working on this one.
Well you are right all MR skins are finish :D ,just i have to clean up the files and make the installer ,but I got less time at the moment . :-?

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by rrfpacker » Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:06 pm

DreadM updated most of his skins in the last couple of days. I'm sure he's working on this one.

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by Seb » Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:58 pm

Hi everybody,

can someone who likes this skin as much as I do update the monkey rok skin so that it works with the newest version?..would be much appreciated!!


Re: GrauGrün Skin

by DreadM » Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:34 am


Well like i said before i got no plans to make other color themes .so fell free to make your one.
There are different ways to do this .
In your case i think it's the best to extract the images from skin file and use them as base for your new creations and replace them with Theme Editor7.
good luck :wink:

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by rrfpacker » Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:23 pm

I would like to say again how much I like this skin. Very classy.

I still would like to try and change the colors that now show up as green to a nice red, like the red of the remove selection X. I'm just looking for a place to start, I will do the work with your permission. I really like how the play/pause button glows, and how the column headers change colors when they are clicked, and of course how the icons change on the player.

Are these all controlled by one thing? I am going to research this, but as this is the first time I'm going to try to modify something other than font colors and masks, I'm looking for direction.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by DreadM » Sun Nov 15, 2009 6:03 am


You are right dypsis ,it's hard to read, but i don't know where to edit ! but i look for this maybe i find out :wink:

MonkeyRok Context Menu

by dypsis » Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:36 am

When I right-click on a track in MonkeyRok, I find it very difficult to read the selection with the lime green text and the white background.

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by gpzbc » Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:36 am

Very Nice. Thank you!

I love how you use highlighting to indicate that a function or feature is "on".

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by rrfpacker » Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:07 pm

No problem, the only reason for me to have different colors is to satisfy my need for variety. Keep up the wonderful work. Your skins are beautiful.

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by DreadM » Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:00 pm


HM,OK for now i let the stop bottom like it is.

And for extra info on bottom is no space ,as you see on screenshot ( Smallest size from player 700 pix ) maybe behind the title info.
Also a centered layout will break the hole layout , but i try out when i got some time.

Sorry but got no plans to make different color themes , i think red and blue don't work with the gray background,i like more to focus on new ideas and update older ones. :wink:

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by rrfpacker » Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:04 pm

I revise my requests for different colors from red to Zeigelrot and from blue to either Hellblau or Mitternachtblau.

Will that help convince you to do a lot more work to make me happy? :D

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by dypsis » Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:53 pm

DreadM wrote:Greetings

Thanks,on this skin i work long time,and it's nice to here you like :D ,

the only thing i am not 100% satisfied is the stop Button from player,
don't know if i change the position or the image or if i delete him complete,any ideas on this?
dypsis wrote: Can't wait for the matching MonkeyRok and Lyrics Viewer skin. :)
Go for it ,see first post for download.
Thank you. :)

And don't remove the STOP button. :(
File Type and Bitrate would be nice on the skin at the bottom somewhere.

If I was to make another suggestion. Have you considered having the play controls and song information in the middle?

Re: GrauGrün Skin

by rrfpacker » Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:48 pm

The stop button is cool because it is different.