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Re: My Skin Sites

by montinskij » Sat Mar 13, 2021 5:45 pm

Wood skins please. Or brick texture

Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:13 pm

re did the mediamonkeytv skin so it now is also a small tv skin you don't need the huge stadium tv set now, you can use this small tv one with 1240 x 768 screens. 8)

Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:33 am

okay some of you might remember i said a few things about the concert skin av image already a few yrs back,
but i been sitting here watching the songs flash the stage lights on that skin and just now seen an new graphic easter egg in it.

yep takes some time to get this one.

you have to have the right song's flashing the stage lights at the right orders to see it for very long but its there.

batman's head is the one on the right its almost always there, and the incredible hulk's head show's up most the time if the lights flash in right order. but this one i just found is more tricky to realize what your looking at.
it's the normal triangle shaped UFO with 4 yellow lights on the bottom if the stage lights flash proper in the songs
the ufo's lights look like they are blinking around the bottom of it. one reason its so hard to see is because it looks like it has a clocking device and hides in plain site. kind of cool i thought,, so i came to tell you all about it. :D

Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Wed May 04, 2011 10:20 am

MM3 and MM 4 skin

Dj Coco Marantz skin. version #

has been updated to work on both versions of mediamonkey 3 and 4, each version has the items it needs in the locations it needs.
the mm 4 items will not show up in mm 3, so if you want to see the new full screen player for video you need to use mm 4.

the new version number for this skin reflects the changes needed to be done to include all the mm 4 items.
also the changes made per request of dj coco marantz.
like color and size of the fonts.

i also made the focus dot between the meters larger in this skin.

enjoy. 8)

Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:41 am

just a note to let you know if you are looking at my site for my skins.
i have uploaded the screenshots of the mediamonkeytv skin to the page and have thus run out of room on the site, so there is not going to be anymore skin's screenshots on my site unless i remove something? but i'm not thinking on making
any more skins now anyway. so that might be the last one this time. umm? unless i get an idea i have to make in to a skin.
and decide not to post the screen shot on my site but only on the wiki or on the hosting site the developers are making?


Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:38 am

another new skin.

MediaMonkey TV version number......... updated number is now

This was made to be used on large flat panel tv sets.
i hope i got the pixel size of the images for buttons and fonts and the player
at a size that can be read on the screens.

i don't know what the minimum pixels should be set at for those flat panel sets.
so i made this a huge screen skin, that is useable from 1280 wide by 1024 high.
to any thing that is larger then that.

this new video card i got won't go to the huge sizes anymore so i have to make
them where i can get most people able to use them..
which is to say huge player on small screen.

also this is a small 5.4 mb's in size which was done by me keeping most the color
and artwork out of it.
i made a black skin with a few color's and added some images for buttons but
most of them are the old style of buttons. added new rating star image too.
and used the new vumeters on it in a lighter blue then djcocomarantz's skin has.

my most important thing was to get the fonts as big as possible so
they can be read on the screens.
but as i said i can't view it on large screen's
so any member using this skin please give me feedback on what is not easy to see.


enjoy. :D

wow. i went to play songs with this new skin and when i got to the settings to change to the needed size
i found that i am now able to view screens all the way up to 2048 wide x 1536 high

so that is what that bloom button does on the ati video driver control panel. !! :o

so i checked this skin all the way up to that size and it works i did find some errors i had to fix which is the
reason for the updated version number.

so again enjoy it. :D

Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:53 am

new skin.

Dj Coco Marantz


You think the blue meters are messed up by looking at the screen shot?
That is the on look it is back lit so when the music stops they go dark blue.
Or even if the song has a silent space in with no static the meter will change to the off look,
but only for that split second.
Also if you start the mediamonkey up and there is nothing in the now playing list.
The vumeters still show as the off look.

Now why the funny name? Dj Coco Marantz. That is who wanted the skin made.
So it is his, just like the musicbringer pub skin was wanted by the musicbringer.

I don’t do many custom skins but I hope you like this latest one.

I found it more pleasing to view on the medium sized screens to the larger ones.
Then on the smaller ones. But you can use it on the small sized if you don’t mind large fonts,
I don’t know how they got large, I set them on size 9 in the code.
But you should be able to change the size with the monkey’s built in font sizer feature,

you might have seen the post in the forum by cocomarantz he wanted the black monkey to have these meter’s.
So this was to be a redo of the blackmonkey converted skin, for him but like the blues monkey was a re-color of the old royal blue skin.

This one turned in to more then just a redo of the skin.
As a matter of fact its a new skin only a few little things remain the same in it from the black monkey and
those are most of the player control buttons but even they have been colorized for easier finding in the mass of
black and white and gray.

Yes this is the first new skin since I got my system back up and running.
And it is the first skin I made with this flat screen monitor so the colors might be better suited for you that have flat screens in this skin.

screen shot is up at the wiki site,
and the skin is on my host site same as the others.



Re: My Skin Sites

by kellharries » Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:47 am

I have just checked out this site and there were great skins and have downloaded some of them, so when will you be uploading more skins so that I can wait for that.

Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Tue Jun 01, 2010 4:16 pm

yes i know its not a skin file. but i still uploaded it to the site for downloading by other skinners.

i updated the contents of the skinning resource now for those of you that want a vu meter but like
the thin needles and them swinging from the top. i have added images of the one i did in that style.

now you have two choices of vumeters to use in your skins.

also there are some other images in it. for a size of 6.59 mb's the link is the same as the one to the get my skins at.



Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Sat Dec 12, 2009 7:09 am

not a skin this time but something others have wanted.

so here it is.

i have uploaded a zip file to my skins download host site i use. and that new zip file is of.

11 extra mediamonkey splash screens.



Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Sat Dec 05, 2009 2:47 am

all my skins now have splash screens and have been uploaded to my downloading host site
all the ones i did before have the same old number i did not change their splash screens.
as mentioned in another post i sent trixmoto his brushed monkey skins a week ago. he might have them up now.
but they too have had a custom splash screen made to fit the skin.
this below are the ones i just updated with new splash screens.

remember when getting these backup your custom splash screen before installing one of these skins and after every skin as each one will overwrite the previouse splash screen.
  • air stream...............................
    aquablue reef...........................
    concert ..................................
    esthetic hi fi............................
    farmer monkey.........................
    fishers of men..........................
    hillbilly rock diner.......................
    jade monkey............................
    jungle monkees.........................
    monkey hi fi.............................
    silvertone ...............................
    tangerine monkey.......................
    the blues monkey.......................
    trucking monkey........................



Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:36 am

okay just uploaded new light version of musicbringers pub.

get it a pub getting a light version? :lol:

anyway this is what musicbringer wanted and it is easier to see
on his monitor he said he's been using / testing the version for a month now
so i figure its okay with him now so i uploaded it.

yes that is correct version number it was a lot of changes and updates to the colors of the theme.
did a lot of work on it so i let the number show that..

the musicbringer pub version

enjoy, i also put a new screenshot on the wiki page of mine.

Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:39 pm

okay new skin. Iceteks.

you say but there are errors in the program i keep yelling about? yep there are but i did this theme.mskn file several weeks ago.

this was a skin made in joint creation style. by me and another member of iceteks forum. he got mediamonkey just to see what was going on with the skinning.
triple made all the round buttons on the player and the splash screen, and the rating star which is a block of ice.
if you could not tell.?

i did the rest.
yes i did not put any images for the buttons on the player that were not the normal control style. I WANTED TOO.
but i let triple handle the buttons. i keep trying to get a ice cube pic in there in the shape of a moai statue or of another thing like a skull or a police car, but they looked out of place.

but this skin is made for use on only 800 wide by 600 high screens or larger, the players are 798 pixels wide so they won't fit on anything smaller.

does any one use smaller ones besides me anymore??

Iceteks version number ..........


Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:31 am

My fault sorry to all those that went and got the skin called aqua blue reef thinking the mute button was in there when i said i had updated it this past auguest 2009. i had uploaded a file with the name on it being correct for the one on the web host site so it would over right the old one. :-?
what i had done was forgot that the file on my computer was not by the same name as the one online. i have to change it before i upload. :oops:
in doing the upload i did not see that there were two files in the upload folder with the same name but different spelling one old and one new. i just seen the name that matched what was online, and thought i had already changed the new one. :( which i did not. so i uploaded the old version over its self with the new version number. :oops: i did not see that until last night when i was checking my upload folder.
so i tore apart the skins in there and checked them deleted the old one and renamed the new one like i was to do the last time.
and i have now uploaded the proper skin file with the same version number and it has the mute button in it now. :D

once again sorry :(

but Aqua Blue Reef has now been updated with proper file to include the mute button


Re: My Skin Sites

by rovingcowboy » Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:36 am

updated the last skin above to fix an error.

i had tried to keep it a non stretching skin in every way but it just was causing trouble as in cutting off half the image of the player. so now it is back to a full length stretching skin as the default is only with my others of the short images the center and right side are transparent.
meaning that when you place the window down there if you cover even one pixel of the skin image when you fill in the area with the window the rating images, will start to do a constant redraw when the mouse goe's over them. not anything a skinner can fix thats part of monkey's coding that just can't be fixed. or they would have fixed it by now since it's been there from mm 3.0 alpha 1 test version. or almost that far back, its just something you have to watch for when you use short player skins.

fishers of version

enjoy it.