here you go some more album art

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Re: here you go some more album art

by rovingcowboy » Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:28 am

older post
these album covers are back online. enjoy them if you need any.

just added some album art icons for every one. they range from classical to modern and a lot of rock, country and other generas in between.
check the same post above that shows the list of album covers for the link to the mmip skin site i have. to get the cover icons.


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okay since i found some more room on my site i uploaded some more album covers.
these are childrens album art.

the names of which i put in the bookmark table on the page as.

peter pan
robin hood
tom glazer

tom paul glazer's is from when he started out with kids songs where they use to do storys with singers in the background singing the songs that were about the history storys.

why the kids stuff cause i have some i just needed art for and could not find. so i made it. yes i know i have the one in the zip file of elephants for the kids records, but these ones i made are art from real record sleeves, and i always try to get real art if i can. 8)


i just uploaded all new ones of them i changed the size and dpi to 500 x 500 and 300 dpi

next older post
okay added 3 more hard to get or impossible to get album covers.

this time they are on the main page of real covers.

they are of

billy crash craddock
don cornell and teresa brewer
ray kinney and his hula ensemble

ray's is one i made. but i consider it real since i could not find any by him at all.
and it could be for the reason his group was in the 1930's in hawaiia with small a record company.

and since i got the real covers for peterpan and robin hood records in the section for what
i created. then ray's can go in the real cover area right? :-?


since i said stuff in them older posts i am now changing i just could not delete all of them.

i took the ray kinney cover off the real covers page and put it on the generic artists cover page.
i took the robin hood and the peter pan covers off the generic artists cover page and moved them
to the real covers page, since they were the real ones and ray kinneys was not really issued by a company.

i also have added several more album covers i had to fix or make.

two new real covers

the zombies,
looking glass.

one new generic cover.

wade ray and the country fiddlers.

enjoy. :D

by MetalaxeKeith » Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:54 am

There we go. :)

Just shoot me a message with your e-mail address and we can talk about it. :D

by Guest » Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:50 am

seven megs is nothing, my friend. If you want me to host it for you I'll set up a directory on my site and host it. :)

Lemme just make an account here so we can pm some info. :)

by rovingcowboy » Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:30 am


by DiddeLeeDoo » Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:02 pm

A loot of work gone in there.

Had a great time reading part of the pages with my morning coffee...

Feels a bit like an Album Art Museum has started... sort of..

by rovingcowboy » Sun Aug 27, 2006 3:59 am


by rovingcowboy » Sun Aug 13, 2006 11:32 am

thanks diddeleedoo.

but i been at it again.

i just thought to come in here and post a short message including all the groups or artists i have art for on that page since it is now with 81 album images and it is taking some time to load. this list will make it easier to see if you want to get one.. the page is now full and i stopped adding to it.

okay something more for you that you might like.

i just uploaded my icons of 952 album covers for most the artist i have, 33.1 mb's worth of icons
in the zip file. the ones below are included
the url to get them is the same place you can get my mmip files of my mediamonkey skins. ... px/.Public

  • here goes in the order of them posted on the site in alpha... order.
    starting with hard to find albums
    then the artist generic ones i made. ... loads.html
    and click the album art button or

    the names are also the link on my site for that artist.

    carl story..........(not found anyplace else online)
    billy crash craddock..........(adjusted the size and color of billy's cover.)
    danny welton
    della reese
    don cornell and teresa brewer........(was not found online this is a 45rpm cover)
    dr. hook
    flatt and scruggs
    june christy
    june valli
    justin wilson
    julie london
    the statler brothers as lester roadhog. alive alblum
    the statler brothers as lester roadhog. complete album
    looking Glass
    mel carter
    merle travis and joe maphis
    mike reid
    moon mullican
    peter pan......( The Peter Pan Record company's 45 logo with name of singers on )
    ralph votapek
    Robert Horton
    robin hood............( The Robin Hood Record company's 45 logo its different from the 78's )
    Roy Acuff
    Sarah vaughan
    Sir malcolm sargent
    stolen goods album by dr. teleny....(not found this size anywhere else)
    the kentucky headhunters
    the miracles
    the monkees
    the rocky fellers
    the sylvers
    walter brennan
    the zombies

    above are the hard to find ones

    below are the ones i made the photos were found online
    i just made them in to covers. and most of them are only on my site unless
    someone else has decided to put any on their site for downloading which i
    don't know if they did or not? but i did make and or put the below together.

    al caiola
    bryan duncan
    buck owens
    childrens.......( really a cover made for use with any childrens records )
    christiane jaccottet......( this is the only cover of hers i know of )
    danny davis
    dave and sugar
    dean martin
    dick feller
    dooley wilson.........( this is the only cover of his i know of )
    doug kershaw
    duane eddy..........( this is only on my site )
    earl wild
    edward bear..........( this is only on my site )
    elvis tv come back
    ernest tubb
    frank sanatria
    george hamilton 4th
    gerry rafferty
    grandpa and ramona jones.....( this cover is only on my site )
    henry gross
    huge o brian............( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    jean shepard
    jeno jando.............( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    jerry orbach............( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    joey dee and the starlighters..........( this is only on my site )
    johnny rodriguez..........( this is only on my site )
    johnny western.......( this is the only best of cover for him i know of )
    josh graves..........( this is only on my site )
    kids..........( another one made for use with any kids records )
    larry verne..........( this is only on my site )
    lawrence welk ..........( this is only on my site )
    lorretta lynn
    marvin hamlisch
    mel blanc................( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    minnie pearl...........( this is the only cover there is for her i know of )
    paul nicholas.............( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    paul warren............(this is the only cover for him i know of )
    paul weston
    randy and the rainbows..........( this is only on my site )
    red skelton...............( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    rex allen jr.
    ray kinney and his ensemble....( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    robin luke ..........( this is only on my site )
    russell arms...............( this is the only cover for him i know of )
    sammy davis jr.
    santana..........( this is only on my site )
    sonny and cher
    the surfaris
    the flintstones
    the ray charles singers
    tom glazer.........( i think this is tompall glaser when he started out with the childrens songs )
    wade ray.......(only found on my site)
    waylon jennings
enjoy them if you get any. they are all 500 x 500 pixels and 300 dpi

I thought that maybe those looking for any image to use and were wondering what style my genere generic covers were, should have
a sampleling of them, instead of having to download the zip file then look at them.

so i made a table with 25 thumbnail images of my genere generic covers.
and put it on this page for those people wanting a look before they get them. the chance to see what i mean.

advice ? don't just copy the thumb nail images they are small and will be bad looking when you make them large. so you still need to download the zip file of all of them but you can see what some of them look like now.

enjoy 8)

by DiddeLeeDoo » Thu Jul 27, 2006 6:34 am

Lot of stuff there I have never seen before. NICE job!

by junglemonkey » Wed Jul 26, 2006 8:29 am

there is now a total of 25 album covers on this page.

9 that are hard to find or were needed to be up in a good form.

and 16 of my generic album's of real artists.

i am not doing any more the 25 is it.

the genera generic album covers are still in the zip file on my skins download page.

i think i got every thing i wanted to cover now covered. enjoy. :lol: 8) :P

by junglemonkey » Sat Jul 22, 2006 2:24 pm

i just uploaded 8 more album covers of hard to find real ones.
and more of my artist generic album's

enjoy. 8)

here you go some more album art

by rovingcowboy » Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:06 am

check the post in the middle that has the list of names in. for the link.

but i have also made the page this time to use thumb nails the images are still 300 x 300 and 150 dpi. only now you can click the thumb nail and get the bigger image.
instead of having to save the image off the web page which was just a 96 dpi image to load fast.
just figured out how to do that :) of course i did not really try to do that before sorry. :(