2 Library locations for 2 users?

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Re: 2 Library locations for 2 users?

by Lowlander » Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:21 pm

Note that there are several discussions on this already. As Peke said, Collections based on Path are the way to go. You could even have a third folder where you have shared music and include that in both Collections.

Re: 2 Library locations for 2 users?

by Peke » Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:38 pm

There is several ways to do that, but the result is same and this one is best approach if you share single user desktop:
1. Use your files and Wife Files in separate folders eg. F:\My Music Folder\, F:\Wife Music Folder\
2. create Two collections named "<Your Name> Music" and "<Wife name>"
3. In each Collection Only add Criteria: PATH/Filename -> Contain -> "\Your/Wife folder\" (NOTE That there is No Drive letter as it can be changed due the external drive)
4. Under Tools -> Options -> Tree Nodes Show each Collections and disable all Other Collections (Except Maybe ENTIRE LIBRARY as it will contain master library)
5. Under Playlist Tree Node Create two Static Playlist named "Your/Wife Playlists" So that you and your wife can add sub playlists (Righ Click On that Name) that you want without clogging other persons playlist
6. Under Tools -> Options -> Library -> File monitor add both paths to be scanned on startup
7. You are done.

Second option (I personally use) is to Add another User To windows and:
1. setup MMW There (Use same license info as it is valid for multiple users of same PC), that will allow her/you to have own now playing and library.
2. Scan only hers folder and you are separate. (She can always use My computer Tree node to listen your music and you hers if wanted) but they ar eesentiall separate.

Both approaches have Pros and Cons:
First: Pro: You have centralized library, sync profiles, playlists, ... Con: but whole library can be used/managed by both users as it is single library separated into two collections
Second: Pro: No mixed tracks as each of you have own UI, library and listening preferences con: Libraries are not in sync and if anyone deletes tracks that both have in library the other one will get grayed/non playable tracks.

NOTE there are few other options but they need a bit more knowledge of MMW working and are bit more complex to setup, but essentially result is the same.

2 Library locations for 2 users?

by Forrykook » Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:42 am

My wife and I have very different music tastes.
I have over 500GB in my music collection on an external HDD with that particular folder selected as the library monitor folder.
In a separate folder is all my wife's music and it's all crap that I never want to hear. Conversely she doesn't want to hear my music, (mostly).

Is it possible for mediamonkey to have 2 different folders being monitored for 2 different collections? So that when my wife wants to listen to her crap she can simply click on her name in the media tree and only her music library will show. Then when I come home I can click back on my name, (or the main library), to play all my music.
I have had a look at "manage collections" and add new collection but I can't see how to select a different location for the library.

If there is a workaround solution for this then pretty clear step-by-steps would be appreciated.
Thank you