[SOLVED] Sudden Access Denied DLNA

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Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by erlebc » Tue May 03, 2016 8:11 pm

I agree that it is/was Windows blocking access. I also believe now that the service was somehow changed to run under the Local System Account rather than my user account which was leading to the Access Denied symptoms on my DLNA Clients.

What I had found after my previous post that all was O.K. was that while my DLNA Clients could connect, I had the MediaMonkey 'Client' running on my Windows computer. If I closed it then those same DLNA Clients could no longer see the MediaMonkey Library. A slightly different symptom than 'Access Denied', but still showing that there was something wrong with the service.

I performed an Uninstall of the Service from the MediaMonkey UpNP/DLNA options, and then performed a fresh Install as a Service from the same place. This time it was successful. I checked out now what the Log On tab looked like and this time it was set to my local account I had provided the password for rather than the Local System Account.

ie. ./WindowsAccount

So, my previous Removal of the MediaMonkey software in its entirety was probably unnecessary, and I just needed to either uninstall and reinstall the DLNA service (which I actually had tried twice) or perhaps just reconfigure the service on the Log On tab to use my Windows Account with its proper password rather than the Local System Account. I just needed to get it running under the correct account it looks like.

Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by Peke » Tue May 03, 2016 5:51 pm

Hmmm. This is interesting approach. it confirms my suspicions of Windows making the problem.

Please let us know if Service is correctly started and accessible after System restart.

Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by erlebc » Tue May 03, 2016 2:48 pm

Bad News and Good News. Bad news is that changing the port did not affect my DLNA Clients getting Access Denied. However, I decided to just back up the MM Database and critical configuration files, then Uninstall MM, and re-install to see if that shook the DLNA Server loose.

The Good News is that it did. I still had to kick it in the ass however.

After installing the level of code (same as I had before):

- Without MM running I restored the database, configuration file and Album Art Cache directory
- I edited the DLNA server settings to install the DLNA Server as a Service. I got this error:

[SC] StartService: OpenService FAILED 5: Access Is Denied

- However, the MediaMonkey service had been added to the list of services although had not been started due to the above error. I assure you it had always been previously running and I had restarted it many times prior to uninstalling. I simply started up the service and it started fine now.

- Now the 3 DLNA Clients were able to connect again and on the Server Tab for the DLNA Server settings I could see the connection activity from today. Excellent.

I have no idea what was causing the constipation with MediaMonkey, but the uninstall/reinstall cycle seems to have acted like software fiber and now all is well with the world of DLNA streaming in my house.

Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions from the Poster's in this thread.

Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by Peke » Mon May 02, 2016 7:46 pm

Gave you tried to change port of MMW server, that should trigger Firewall prompt again?

Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by erlebc » Mon May 02, 2016 12:34 pm

I have to believe it is the MediaMonkey Service blocking me since I did try connecting after turning off the Windows Firewall. On my ROKU DLNA Client I can see the MediaMonkey Library as a DLNA Server object to connect with, and when I attempt to connect I get a single folder returned and it says Access Denied. With my Stereo Amplifier built in DLNA Client I just get an Access Denied across the little display on the front panel of the AMP.

I checked the running service and on the 'Log-On' tab for the MediaMonkey service it is set as the default which is to run under the Local System Account. I saw an option to allow the service to interact with the Desktop which was NOT checked when I checked the settings, but I checked it thinking maybe there could be some prompt I need to respond to allowing new incoming connections despite having configured the service to do just that. It did not change the behaviors. I still get Access Denied, and no incoming connection is being registered from the Server Tab of the DLNA Server settings. That makes me think the blockage is elsewhere unless its just not getting written to this location....Hard to say.

The account which is running as the Local System Account is the only Account I have ever created for the computer and it is an Administrator account. I've used it forever and until about a week and a half ago all was fine here. I'm not sure what changed.

Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by Lowlander » Mon May 02, 2016 11:09 am

Is it the MediaMonkey Service that is denying access or when you run MediaMonkey itself? If it is the MediaMonkey Service as what Windows User is it running? It may be different from the one you're logged on as and thus it uses separate MediaMonkey settings (as well as Windows User rights settings).

Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by erlebc » Mon May 02, 2016 10:48 am

My ROKU or Stereo Amplifier DLNA Clients are connected to an ASUS Router via Ethernet and my MM Server is attached to my home network also via Ethernet. No WIFI if I can help it. Thank You for the thought.

Re: Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by monkey hi fi » Mon May 02, 2016 9:08 am

not sure cause i didn't read your whole post, but if you are using an hotspot to link by wifi card then the hotspot does need turned off about every 2 days for 30 seconds or so it's a pain i know but i've got to do the same thing.

rovingcowboy / keith hall / monkey hi fi


[SOLVED] Sudden Access Denied DLNA

by erlebc » Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:08 pm

I am loathe to broach this subject again since it's been reported so often in these forums, but my DLNA server seems to not allow any incoming connections suddenly. At least to me it appears sudden. Here are the particulars:

MM on Windows 10 -
DLNA installed as a service and is in a Running State (I have tried both stopping and restarting the service, and I also tried uninstalling the service and it is presently Installed and in running state)
DLNA is Enabled, it is configured to allow all incoming connections
I have shared everything on the Shared Content Tab
I'm not looking for conversions of the source FLAC / MP3 files, but I added those anyway to see if that was it, it was not. I have also tried without them.

Once of the real issues I see even though I've stopped started MM many times, stopped / started the DLNA service, uninstalled and reinstalled the DLNA service, and restarted Windows on the SERVER tab for the DLNA it shows no connection attempts in the last 8 days. I have been trying for many days to connect, so it should have at shown some failures.

I checked the Windows Firewall and MM is shown configured to allow incoming connections, but I turned it off anyway to see if that could be the issue. Nope, Keep getting Access Denied on my streaming devices. ROKU devices and DLNA client on several Integrated Amplifiers.