[REQ] Track Filtering on Now Playing

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Re: [REQ] Track Filtering on Now Playing

by toyzrme » Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:42 pm


[REQ] Track Filtering on Now Playing

by toyzrme » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:14 pm

Let me apply "Filters" to the tracks that are currently playing, to select a subset of them.

For example: I load up my "Galactic Rock Playlist" of 10,000 tracks, and start playing it.
But I only want to listen to tracks rated 3-4; so I click on a "Filters" button, and in the dialog that pops up, there are many filters to apply, including a double-ended "Rating" slider, where I can drag the low end up from 0 to 3, and the top end down to 4. Now the Player skips any track in the "Now Playing" that isn't rated between 3 & 4, inclusive.

I love the way MMW shows you Genres, i.e., it just reads all the tracks in the DB, and gives you only genres that you actually have.

So do this for a Genre filter: scan the Now Playing list, and present only the genres contained in it. So in my "Galactic Rock" example, I will have a smaller subset of genres to choose from (i.e. none of my Jazz, Christmas, A Cappella, Comedy, Country, or Classical genres). Present me a CheckBox list, just like the AutoPlaylist Genre selection. Not checked? Skip tracks that don't have one of the checked genres.

I could see this working for Genre, Rating, Date, track length, bitrate, last played (date range), Tempo/BPM, Mood, maybe Added, and Timestamp. For discrete values, do something like the Genres checkboxes above. For linear values (dates, rating, BPM, etc.), use a double-ended slider to select the inclusion range (like rating suggestion above, based on contained values).

I suppose you could do this for Artist, Album, and even Title, but the checklist would be unweildy. Maybe you could enable this for lists < 50 items (for example).

Maybe even Custom, if populated and < 50 values?

Anyway, this could be a great way to implement one form of dynamic playlists, short of true Auto Playlists - but not a replacement, as they aren't the same (I could see using Filters with Auto Playlists). But it would let you select subsets based on one or more attributes on the fly - in effect, creating a custom playlist. (heck - let me save that as a new playlist :-)

Keep the good stuff coming!