Custom Lyrics not showing in MMA.

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Re: Custom Lyrics not showing in MMA.

by Lowlander » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:05 pm

It's part of Android and it has weak scanning capabilities. MMA currently can't scan on its own, but will do so in the future to resolve these types of problems.

Syncing from MMW to MMA avoids this as it allows MMW to directly update the MMA database (you'll also get the ability to sync tag changes and Ratings back to MMW).

Re: Custom Lyrics not showing in MMA.

by richiefinger » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:10 am

I've just copied one of the tracks I added lyrics to in iTunes to an old laptop with MMW. It had no separate lyrics file. The lyrics show up in MMW, so that would confirm that iTunes is embedding the lyrics in the file.

Therefore its a problem with Android or MMA

So this "Android Media Scanner" you refer to.
Is this a stock part of Android?
Are you saying it's sometimes missing from certain devices or fails to work properly sometimes or both?

Are there any stable versions of Android or certain devices that don't have this problem as I'm just about to buy a new android phone anyway?

Any other solutions for showing the embedded lyrics in MMA?
Doesn't actually need to use the lyrics just want to be able to view a track list for an hour long mp3 embedded in the file

UPDATE: I have just installed a free app called Medoly through the play store. Shows all kinds of lyrics included embedded so it does work on Android. Is this not something that MMA can have?

Re: Custom Lyrics not showing in MMA.

by Lowlander » Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:32 pm

I'm not aware that MMA can read Lyrics files. Even embedded Lyrics may not work as you're relying on Android Media Scanner in your setup and it's known to be lacking.

Custom Lyrics not showing in MMA.

by richiefinger » Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:50 am


My windows machine has been down so I've been using my Macbook to download mixcloud radioshows. These are in .mp4a format
I'm importing them to itunes and adding artwork. But also keeping a separate artwork file in .png format in each shows folder. The artwork shows fine in MMA.
I'm also cut and pasting the tracklist of each show into the custom lyrics in itunes. This text shows fine when viewing lyrics in iTunes on Mac.

In MMA the lyrics don't show. I'm assuming this is something to do with the way apple stores the lyrics??
The lyrics are not downloadable as its an obscure radio show.

I'm just drag and dropping each folder for each track from the Mac into the Android device. I'm not using MM or Itunes to do this.

Can I get MMA to show the lyrics if they are stored as a separate text file along with the artwork in the folder for each track?
I've tried saving the lyrics as a .txt file but nothing is showing?
Is there a special type of format I should be saving the text as?
I have tried saving it as UTF-8 .txt files but still nothing showing up in the lyrics. The Android device does read the format though.
I've tried naming the text file the same as the audio file but the lyrics are not showing.
I don't need the lyrics to be timecoded.
All suggestions please.

I've copy and pasted into the lyrics manually in MMA on my android and this works but this is not an option for the amount of tracks I need to add lyrics to.

(I would normally do all this in MMW and in Mp3 but I don't have that option at the moment)

UPDATE: Have tried converting the mp4a file in itunes into an mp3 file. It now shows the art without the extra. png file but lyrics still don't show