MM5 UI discoverability

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MM5 UI discoverability

by Barry4679 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:35 pm

pterodactil.rex wrote: Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:19 pm Tried out MM 5 searching today.

Did Edit ---> Search. Nothing happens but the drop down menu closes. I tried 3 times.
Then I notice a cursor bar and little drop down triangle appear on the second tool bar. It's
all orange, just like the tool bar, the user has no indication that there is a field to
type something into.
I've seen enough. Maybe I'll check back after a few more betas. I don't know about other users
out there, but without the traditional style of searching, I wont be upgrading to MM 5
I am very much looking forward to permanently switching across to MM5.
But I do share some of his general POV ... not speaking for him, but some of the MM5 UI is implemented like a puzzle game; one that you have to solve before being able to use MM fully.

I am being intentionally OTT and provocative here to make a point. I trust that you are not offended. ... some of these things could|should be corrected.

This could be a common silent impression of what an imaginary MM5 FAQ may look like:

1. Want to see a status bar for your long running task? ... solution: it is implemented as an Easter egg ... see if you can find it ... oh, you looked in the View menu ... nope, not there ... hint: trying clicking things ... oh you want to actually read the contents of status bar? ... you should have said that ... additional hint: beware the "bad skins" which overwrite things
2. Want to filter? ... solution: the empty spaces are an invisible search control ... just type into nowhere ... stop worrying, it won't update your database ... we are like Google; silently listening, and are ready to create a filter just for you
3. Want to attend to some issue that happened during sync or download? ... solution: we are helping to improve your short term memory ... the clue was in that self-closing dialogue box, that we flashed up for a couple of seconds, a while ago
4. Want to browse your Entire Library without filtering? ... solution: we hide this common requirement, just to assist you ... this is good for you, because you get to learn how to tailor contents of the Media Tree ... good luck with the hunting!
5. Want to clear your filter|search string ... solution: try to find how to do it, its fun! ... we didn't spoil your fun, by giving you a standard clearing "x" ... click those three magnifying icons, maybe one of them clears it? ... no? ... keep clicking ... you will find how to work it ... OK, I will give you a hint ... maybe you have to click one of those magnifying glasses, to unhide the place where you can actually alter the search string ... 1.png?dl=0
6. Want to power scroll to next occurrence? ... solution: just set some config setting hidden inside our config maze, it will affect all your other searches, but that is part of the game ... commit to memory Ctrl+Down from that tooltip that we briefly flashed on screen a while ago ... we will power scroll to next occurrence of that invisible search string that you can't see, because we don't display it
7. Want to see what sync has added into your library? ... solution: grow a photographic memory ... memorise the contents of your library ... sync, and then just compare ... what could be more simple? ... stop crying
8. Want to see the list of tracks that could not be matched against your GPM library? ...solution: #1 learn where we hid the Column Browser ... don't know what the Column Browser is? ... Google it, are you helpless? ... OK, now you are looking for the column that shows whether tracks were matched ... keep looking, it is in there somewhere
9. Want to switch from grid mode, to list mode? ... solution: ha! ... fooled you again with that View menu didn't we? ... it's not there, keep looking
10. Where's my thing gone? ... Solution: it has gone to "away" ... MM5 is modal ... everything is a new experience, a bright new day ... get used to it (haha, irony intended) ... lots of examples: why is there no Grid mode available from EntireLibrary>AllTracks> ... where is the Column Browser on EntireLibrary>Years>2000's when alltracks is on? ... or EntireLibrary>Composers and EntireLibrary>Artists have a "Grid View", but it is has another name in EntireLibrary>Albums ... the "grid" (aka Art) icon is different in every node (ie. Artist, Composer & Album), just to keep you on your toes ... or put your Sherlock Holmes hat on, and try to solve the Case of the Missing Filter:on Button, as described here ... 41#p456141