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Re: Artwork

by MiPi » Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:26 am

re log - I mean debug log

re playlist - ok, thanks for confirmation. Playlists are imported by default, I do not see problem in this, you are probably the first complaining :)

Please try to catch in this debug log also issue with playing track, i.e. start logging, start MM5, doubleclick... and in case it starts to play another track, save the log and send me. It works ok for us, I did not notice any such issue ever.
Do you have any additional scripts installed? Could you test it with clean portable debug install, i.e. install it as portable to some new folder and test from this folder. Your issues are really strange, are you sure, the artworks are added by MediaMonkey? Anyway.. try to use it in separate folder with debug log on, and just after you notice issue with artwork, save the log, pack it and send me, thanks.

Re: Artwork

by CraigG » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:47 pm

Another issue - when I double click on a track to play it, MM plays a completely different track in the current window/playlist. I have to double click several times to get the intended track to play.

Re: Artwork

by CraigG » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:01 pm

All my albums are sorted by artist/album - I don't have multiple artists with the same tags. Auto 'look up artwork' is unchecked. There is no debug log or error message. It is just something I notice whenever I look at the artwork of an album. The properties are littered with multiple sized artworks and often artwork from other artists.

I went to Options - Library - Add - Playlists and removed the options there. That did the trick. Might I suggest this be unchecked by default for a more user friendly experience.

Re: Artwork

by MiPi » Tue Aug 13, 2019 1:08 am

But how the artworks are tagged, to the file or to the folder as separate files? Do you have more albums in one folder? The behavior you describe is really strange, I did not notice it at all during whole developing, and no other user was mentioning this, at least as I know. Could you catch it in debug log?
Do you have Options - Library - Metadata lookup - Lookup up missing artwork and Update tags checked? Try unchecking.

As I wrote, you need to remove playlist extensions in Options - Library - Add - Playlists. Did you do that? "Imported playlists" is there, so imported playlists could be displayed somewhere. So if you won't import playlist, it should not create this list of playlists. I tried it and it works like it should for me.

Re: Artwork

by CraigG » Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:55 pm

Each album art was tagged to a specific album but given enough time, MM will add any number of artworks to a given track. I have no idea when this happens. All I do is 'add/scan' new tracks to the database and add genres to the new tracks so they appear in auto playlists. I don't do any other tasks. It seems that changing artwork is something MM does by itself.It did this in MM4 also.

I always uncheck the importing of other playlists before scanning new music into the database. Regardless, MM always generates the "Imported playlists". This is REALLY annoying as it requires me to delete this playlist every time.

Re: Artwork

by MiPi » Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:39 am

How are your files (audio+covers) organized? Do you have different albums in different folders? Are these artworks tagged to files or in separate files?

The checkbox "import files, playlists.... from other applications" is related only to import from mentioned 3rd party applications. If you do not want to import playlists, you need to uncheck playlist extensions in Options - Library - Add - Playlists. "Imported playlists" is automatically generated list of all such imported playlists.


by CraigG » Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:48 pm

In MediaMonkey Beta I added a new album with no artwork. MM immediately started displaying artwork from another album in the player. When I clicked 'properties' to inspect the track's artwork, it showed no artwork was on the file - yet the phantom artwork still displayed in the player.

On a separate issue, I looked at the properties of another song that displayed incorrect artwork and discovered MM5 had attached literally dozens and dozens of album art from completely different albums I had to manually delete them all. I recall this was an issue in MM4 as well. Artwork would randomly change all the time.

Lastly, each time I 'add/rescan files to the library' MM creates a playlist of "imported playlists", despite my unticking the box to import from other playlists, etc. What is this for? Its a real annoyance.

Beyond that, i'm loving the improvements with each release.