Android Auto not usable with huge collections

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Re: Android Auto not usable with huge collections

by rominator007 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:55 pm


Thanks for your answer.

I am using MediaMonkey (Pro) on Android. Play Store says it is version from 20th November 2018.
I did now try the beta too since you asked for that and got version 1.3.4 from 20th December 2018. But everything is the same (no "Folders" option in Android Auto).

Kind regards,
Roman Brandstetter

Re: Android Auto not usable with huge collections

by Peke » Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:02 am

Are you using latest MMA beta?

Android Auto not usable with huge collections

by rominator007 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:40 pm


First of all thank you for your effort in making MediaMonkey. I really appreciate the app for listening to music everyday!

Nonetheless I have an issue with the Android App.
In the "Android Auto"-mode of MediaMonkey you can add songs only by selecting via "Tracks", "Genres", "Artists" or "Albums".
Since I have a music collection of over about 47000 songs each of the categories (Tracks, Genres or Albums) are really unusable because the requested list is very long and won't even get displayed.
The Genres-List is also not usable since the songs come from various sources (amazon, cdbaby, ...) over decades and the genre of a song is never anything I would anticipate when searching for songs or albums.
Also a lot of songs (mp3) do not have an ID3-V2-Tag which makes matters worse. So the "Genres"-list is also no viable option.

Instead I always use MediaMonkey via a manually crafted folder-hirarchy (starting with a somewhat Genre-Approach but not relying on the tags of the individual songs).
This approach works well (and also quite fast; otherwhise I couldn't use MediaMonkey at all) but can only be used in the "Non Android Auto"-mode since the folder-list is not available in "Android Auto"-mode.

The workaround is now to unlock the phone during the "Anroid Auto"-connection (or the displaying on the phone itself) and start Media-Monkey in "Non Android Auto"-mode and choose what to play there (via folders).

As you can imagine this is quite cumbersome and having the "Folder"-list in "Android Auto"-mode would be a great relief for me.

Kind regards