Synology file format for Media Monkey

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Synology file format for Media Monkey

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I have a question about file format structure on Media Monkey, My NAS is a Synology DS1512+. I noticed that when I play songs using Media Server in Media Monkey the file appears in this format "09-Shake a leg.flac/AC/DC-Back in Black", but if I play a song through Media Monkey My Computer it will just give me the file name (Shake a leg) which I prefer. Does anyone know why the file structure appears in two different formats and is it possible to make all of the file structures uniform ?
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Re: Synology file format for Media Monkey

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You're using the DLNA Server when browsing through Media Servers. This is how DLNA works.

Instead scan the files from the File Server into the Library if you want to have the full Path and the ability to edit the files.
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