Many Issues

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Many Issues

Post by Taoist-Br »

Hi guys,

I'm sorry to say that in MY system MM isn't working nearly "as bad" - let alone "as well"... - as in anybody else's... javascript:emoticon(':(')

I am what is generally considered an "advanced user" in PCs ('though I don't mind if any of you call me some unpleasant names because I just forgot to, obviously... javascript:emoticon(':o')), but I am about to simply uninstall MM (which I'm still refusing, that's why I'm writing all this ;-)), as I can't put it to work satisfactorily. Frankly, I am not getting it to work properly at all.

Then, as a last resort, I'm hoping that someone here could help me to improve it's present status. Thus I provide all data here, in details.

My System is:

AMD Sempron, 2600+;
512 RAM: a brand-new 2 X Samsung 256 Mb, working fine at all;
MotherBoard: ASUS K8N, 8.1 Sound OnBoard;
Seagate HDs, all over, working as usual;
Plus proper Coolers and all that electric stuff (UPS) needed, working in perfect shape;

Fact is, everything else is alive and well in the PC - except the beloved MM.

"Some" of the issues are as follows:

1) Firstly, even when I use MM only to PLAY any ordinary MP3, it is used to consume the RAM almost entirely... It happens even if I ain't messing with any of those sensational MM features, i.e., as I do not change any tag (what makes the whole memory way too fast down the drain...) or whatever else. Even then, it still goes on taking up RAM until I have to shut MM down or it'll freeze the whole thing, often needing to reboot - as it did happen more than once. I don't have a clue why this happens;

Just for the sake of information, I use to keep running the following softs:

- Windows Explorer - not the IE browser, though;
- Another window opened for some most used files, only Notepad texts;
- Spybot S&D;
- Net.Medic;
- Dr. Watson - hey, this is 98, so I need it running to help me when anything freezes;
- Resource Meter - just to measure how much is left of the RAM... ;-))
- ShortKeys 2000 (in case you don't know it, I recommend, it's great for writers);
- Firefox (only ONE window opened at once);
- A4Tech Mouse Properties (to ensure proper Mouse features functionality);

[NO Firewall; anti-virus; proxy; Zone-Alarm; Photoshop; Corel Draw; DVD, in short, not running anything else not already mentioned in the above list]

As all of it is running - believe me - with only 30% of RAM, I couldn't help but to notice that solely MM, once is on, burns out the rest of it. And, frankly, many times I had to not only shut down MM, but even to reboot the computer, 'cause it wasn't going that well after MM was shut.

I even used SoulSeek with all above plus MM; but that was the first time that I ran the program, shortly before I've learned the lesson, and never did that again. Also I thought that, after the download, I could simply close SoulSeek and be able to hear in MM the Music that I got. That was not the case, as it seems. Even being the sole major software running, it keeps draining the computer's resources.

2) After all the trouble to make it work, when finally I was a bit happy & relaxed listening to some music, while already resigned not to touch anything in the program or for that matter, in the whole computer, and with it (plus all my fingers crossed) stayed only focused in to avoid any freeze/crash at all, in short, even tiptoeing like that, all of a sudden it goes mercilessly off... It simply freezes and, no matter what I try to restore it, I eventually have to call the Close Program window to get it off the tasks running list. I also don't have a clue why that happens;

3) Keeping up the list of those "I-don't-have-a-clue-why..." events, there's another strange thing that puzzled me: a very annoying noise that, suddenly, changes place with the music I was listening to. It's not in the background, or over it; it is really "playing" rather than what was on before. Needless to say that I don't...

The list could go on, with the added very annoying feature of those "cracks" and "skips" that happens to the playing music all the time I do anything (I mean, *anything*) on the PC while MM is running, no matter how simple is the task. I used to open some "*.txt" to read, but even that simple task is giving the music a taste of a jurassic vinyl recording, if you know what I mean...

Please be aware that I didn't mention anything like ripping a CD, or converting files from MP3 to WMA, etc., because I simply couldn't pass through the initial operational stages of MM. Well, maybe if I get it back on the right track, the whole thing will fly as a bird...

I think that MM should be a heck of a Jukebox, as many people as we can find in this list cannot be wrong, and as far as I went on the use of it, I cannot expect nothing short of a real champ of whoever wrote it.

But the sad fact is that, besides my suspicion that some voodoo spell was thrown on me, I simply cannot devise the reason all of this is happening here. (no, rest assured that I'm not crying here... yet... ;-))

Sorry to bother you, folks, but I'm coming here in frank despair, as I don't know what else to do.

'Bless you all, and thanks in advance.


Post by Guest »

Try uninstalling Net.Medic. See if that makes a difference.
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Post by Steegy »

- Are you using any extra plugins or scripts? If you are, try using MM without them.
- You might want to make a bug report for the developers.
- Win98SE ?
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Post by JCfantasy23 »

I know when I use MediaMonkey with a Winamp skin, it uses 100% of my CPU and I can do nothing else. It's irritating! With just MediaMonkey though, it doesnt use enough ram to complain w/my computer. Hope you can figure out what the bug is and stay a MediaMonkey lover.
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Thanks to all, but I'm still suffering...

Post by Taoist-Br »

Hi guys, here we go.

I've tried before, but somehow these monkeys here were keep telling me that I wasn't selecting them correctly... ;-))

I thank all of ya who took a bit of your time to spare some words, 'cause is always helpful to hear from someone else. But the fact is that even now I am turning on the PC with nothing else running, start MM and sooner than expected I have to close it again, 'cause the RAM is going down. Only difference is that now, as it is running alone, it takes a little longer to freeze, but nevertheless it drains the RAM and sometimes, when I don't close MM beforehand, it freezes the PC.

Maybe it works better with more RAM; maybe in Linux it'll work regularly; maybe when I awake... ;-)

About the "Guest" suggestion to turn off Net.Medic, it could be good, but unfortunately I did and nothing went different.

As for Steegy, thanks buddy, but I'm not using any extra plugin at all, only those installed by default. Believe me, I am not thaaat lazy and did my homework here: cleaned the Registry; checked every step of the program (in case some extra-heavy option could be disabled) and its options, etc. Nothing was obviously out of norm. And, yes, as I've said, here the OS is 98SE.

As you've suggested, I'm thinking to write a bug report for the developers - if they don't read the Forum. I would like to know, so I'll do it if needed.

As for JCfantasy23, yeah, I know how is that, but I'm a die-hard MM addict, so I'll keep trying. But I appreciated your very supportive reply, thanks for add such caring to this small thread here.

Thanks to all for your support. That's truly appreciated.

Well, if there's any other suggestion, I would love to know.

Thus, once again, I'm waiting and praying. When I manage to use MM though, it just surprises me how good is this Jukebox, I can't see any better than MM. If my prayers get through, I'll be the happiest of all friends here, that's for sure.


PS: I checked the Windows Knowledge Base and, there you go, they said that W98SE's do not have a proper use of RAM, therefore, you always get problems that, in order to get rid of, sooner or later would force you to reboot the machine. That's all I wanted to know: the problem is not on the MM engine itself as I suspected. Millions of users, especially this discerning clientele ;-) just can't be wrong.

I hope this can be of any use for future addicts - like me - and newcomers in general.
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Post by Lowlander »

Does MediaMonkey freeze when you just start it without playing music?

You could try changing to the MAD input plugin (if you have mp3's) or change the output plugin in the options. This might help if you have a freezing issue just when playing music.

I'd certainly advice to create a debug log as described in the Bug forum as this will contain more details for the developers to look at.
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