Removing duplicates

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Removing duplicates

Post by briango »


I added a few albums to my files and ran the Add/Rescan utility. Instead of just adding the new files MM unexplicably added duplicates of ALL my files. What is the most efficient way to remove the duplicates? There are too many to do this manually.

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Post by JCfantasy23 »

Sadly I do not know a way to avoid this. When I add new music without gold, which I'll soon be getting, I always have that music in a seperate folder so this does not happen. Otherwise it always gives me duplicate, and takes way too long. :evil:
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Post by Bex »

Can you play all duplicates or do some gets skipped?
If you play one of these duplicates does both copies get highlighted or just one?
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removing duplicates

Post by briango »

Only the one that is playing highlights.

I figured out why this situation arose though. When I look at the duplicates I noticed that one of the duplicate tracks has a URL path, the other a URI (folder) path. This is because other computers on the network use the URL path to find songs, and my music server uses the URI (folder) path.

What I want to do now is delete the duplicate URI path tracks and just keep the URL path files. Based on what the previous poster said, I can't do this in MM. :cry:

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