Is there a way to break up the filename ?

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Is there a way to break up the filename ?

Post by Tai »


I have a filename that looks like this: 609_34_BY305E-Name.mp3
where I want to use 34 as the track number, BY as the artist 305 as the album and Name as the track name.

is it possible to do this with a script ?

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Post by emalvick »

There might be a way to do it through MediaMonkey's tagging features, but if it can't, MP3Tag is a great program that can do almost anything including what you are interested in.

I use it a lot just because it is quick and simple and it allows my music to go into MediaMonkey in an organized fashion. This is my own preference.

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Post by Nova5 »

Just have Media Monkey do a Auto Organize.

set your destnation root folder properly and add the needed structure to organaize the files by tags as you wish..such as..


and it will organize all your files by the tags.... now MP3tag can do it the reverse way and actually tag the ID3 info by filenames, not sure if MM can. Not sure which way your asking about. rename file by tags, or tag by filemane.
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Post by Steegy »

This feature is called "Auto-Tag from Filename" in MediaMonkey. It's acessible from the tools, and also when you right-click a song. There's no need to use another program if MediaMonkey can do it at least as good.
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Thanks for your answers
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