When to Download MM3

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When to Download MM3

Post by Scooter »

I hate being a Beta user, and like to the third or fourth guy on the block to try something new. Is MM3 now "safe" to download? I see it is no longer Beta.

Do I just download and install right over MM 2.5.3?

Any issues I should be aware of?

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Post by ashishg »

I have related question. Since MM3 is now released on the main website, do I just install it over existing MM2? Will it carry over my settings and playcounts or will it be like starting over?

Also, can there be a sticky post to relate MM2 scripts and corresponding MM3 scripts, because Script forum is very messy now with both versions mixed. Thanks.
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Post by nohitter151 »

MM3 is safe to use (hence official release) but it is always advisable to keep a backup of your MM database (found in \My Music\Mediamonkey\ folder - Mediamonkey.mdb for MM2)

See the FAQ regarding install instructions: http://www.mediamonkey.com/faq/index.ph ... artlang=en
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Post by rovingcowboy »

do what most testers are still doing. run both on the computer.

until you feel it is okay to get rid of your mm 2 version.

they have started with mm 3.0. 1 beta testing as you can see in the beta test forum. they are still trying to fix the errors that were found last year and any new ones. but go a head and get it, just becareful with install as you should with any program.

i'm playing mm 3 online right now and have been for several hours and no troubles. but i use ogg files. not mp3's.
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Post by MusicBringer »

rovingcowboy wrote: i'm playing mm 3 ...right now and have been for several hours and no troubles
Me too. :lol:
I am using mp3s. Been using mm3 since well before Christmas - without any playing problems. I just love it :P
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Re: When to Download MM3

Post by Bex »

Scooter wrote: Do I just download and install right over MM 2.5.3?
I'm not sure. But I think you need the latest MM2 version 2.5.5, to be able to convert your old library to MM3.
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