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Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 12:49 pm
by Lowlander
Some thoughts on FreeDB:

Is there a chance that a firewall on your PC is blocking access?

Do the default settings work?
  • Server Name:
    User Name: anonymous
    User domain: some.domain
Have you checked the spelling of the server name? You posted that you changed the server to: This should probably be:

FreeDB official mirror sites: ... le&artid=9

At developers, could this be a problem:
New server software 1.5.1PL2 fixes a citical bug

Posted by joerg on Sunday, October 17 @ 21:14:44 UTC (41 reads)

Today we released cddbd 1.5.1PL2, which fixes a critical bug which would break transmissions to mirror servers. You can download the bugfix release from SourceForge or the Download/Server software section.


Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 2:46 pm
by webrider
Hi Markus.
I installed now tunebite and also Lame. It works best. Only one question. Which input did you choose in Options? - Stereo Mix? Or should I choose annother one? Its shown Realtec AC 97 Audio. then I chosed also 256 kBit Rate. But now the files are in mp3 more than 10 MB big. Should I choose annother kBit? But normally with MM I'am choosing mp3 and 256 kBit and the files are only 3 MB big. Enocer Mode I choosed "Stereo" It's ok?

Thanks and Regards


Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 2:54 pm
by Lowlander
The Realtec AC97 is your soundcard. You probably have one integrated on your motherboard.

As for 256k bitrate, it sounds about right that you should get 10mb files. This of course all depends on the length of the song. That you get only 3mb files with MM sounds weird. That's more like 128k songs that get 3mb files. Again it all depends on the song length.
Anyway its not unlikely that TuneBite will give you bigger filesizes as it will also pick up noise, etc. and save that to the file.

Did you check your freeDB setting to see if you made spelling mistake?

PS my 192k files are between 4 and 6mb normally as a reference.

Hi Lowlander

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 3:41 pm
by webrider
Lowlander, thanks for your advise. I'll try what you wrote me. I'll fill in in freedb you told me.
Also the length of my files of mp3 I'll check, if 128 kBit should be better. I'dont think that the system is picking up other noises. Because I switched off the micro, and other progs at the same time producing noises are not running at the same time.

Just tommorrow morning I'll try everthing, because today it's too late.

Thanks an till tomorrow.


Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 3:49 pm
by Lowlander
The bitrate you should depends on several factors:

Free disc space for music. The less space you have, the lower the bitrate you should choose.

Quality you need. If you listen music over low-end devices 128k should be enough. The better the speakers and sound system the higher the bitrate you should choose.

Your level of being audiophile. Get the same song at several bitrates and listen at which lowest level it still sounds good for you. You might want to also check with different types of music.

My personal choice is 192k as it gives pretty good sound even over large stereo systems at manageble filesizes (for me).

I hope this helped, and good night!

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2004 11:40 pm
by musicfreak
Hi guys,

ok here some answers to your questions:

Tunebite is only available in an English version. I didn't find any settings to change the language.

Well 256 kbit is a little bit too much. In earlier days i used 128 kbit. As my portable device has lots of free space and i want to digitally import all my music cd (about 1500 - all bought no copies - just if someone reading thinks i have only ripped cds - no i have a fortune in my basement.) i switched to 192 kbit. So i should have fun with the music in the future.

I have no idea which other input options are displayed, but i can tell you this. The stereo mix is a mixed signal all of all sound playing. So while recording if there is any "beep" on your computer it will be recorded in the MP3 file.
You could try the Wave input - BUT - that does not remove the "beep" completely as error sounds are also played via the wave channel. YOu can only get rid of line in, mic and other sounds by selecting the wave output.

And sorry i can't help you with the freedb problem. I use Musicmatch - bought a lifetime version years ago - and they have a perfect tagging feature and also the tagging of ripped music cds is working more than perfect. About 99,9% of my bought music cds are fully and correctly recognized!

Ok, thats for now.


Markus thanks

Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2004 5:46 am
by webrider
Hi Markus,

thanks for your help. I also switched over now to 192 kBits, also Lowlander told me the same. I think it works quite good. In the window of Tune Bite where to select "STEREO MIX", there are also this possibilities more: AUX, TV-Empfänger (Audio), CD-Player, LINE IN. Till now I'm using STEREO MIX. I'll take care not to get other noises in. Could be CD-Player a better solution, altough I'm using stored files to change them to mp3? But in gerneral TUNE BITE works quite good. Only sometimes I have the feeling that some music-files have after decoding to mp3 a little bit more "Hall" (in german), did you also had sometimes this feeling?



Posted: Sun Oct 24, 2004 6:35 pm
by musicfreak

no haven't had that effect.

CD-Player would not help, as it only records the audio coming from the CD Player. You need the StereoMix or if available the WAVE Mix.