Rescan my db?

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Rescan my db?

Post by cadmanmeg »

So I did some batch renaming of some file names as well as moving some files around and now that I have done that, MM3 shows those old tracks with the old file names, but if you click on the track it (MM3) says something about it (the track) being inaccessible. Am thinking I need to rescan my db. Is this correct? All my edits and stuff I want to keep in the filenames have been saved in the ID3 tags, so am I safe to delete the old db (I know, back it up first)? What procedure exactly should I follow as to not run into any troubles? Thansk much.
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Post by nohitter151 »

You can just add/rescan tracks to library, then go to Files to Edit -> Dead links and remove those entries from your DB.
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Post by cadmanmeg »

That must be a new item in MM3.
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Post by Bex »

Get the latest beta of MM3. There were actually some bugs in earlier versions with moving folders around.
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