Auto-Tag from web search options

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Auto-Tag from web search options

Post by Aphex_Twin77 »

I have probably overlooked something in the options but anytime I do an Auto-tag from web it automatically only takes the last word. For example if I do a search for a "chemical brothers" song the automatic tagger only searches for "brothers" and I end up with a lot of nonsense hits. This was never an issue in MM2.

Something else that always happens is if I have a song that was falsely tagged as "various artists" and then I change it manually to the correct artist if I do an Auto-Tag from web it still searches for "various artists" instead of the name i have changed it to.

Is there a way to change the settings so that these two problems are overcome?

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Post by mirage1 »

I am having similar issues.

Media Monkey version

When using the Auto-tag from Web option with "Various Artists" CDs. Media Monkey Gold. This worked relatively well with the previous 3.0.x.x version.

Previously the results/search drop down would give a list of possible matches. Now with, my network traffic spikes, Media Monkey shows 40-80% CPU usage, and returns a random result (although usually the Dirty Dancing Sountrack) and the drop down has no other results. Network traffic continues to spike like it is still receiving results, but the drop down is still just showing the one result. The previous version would populate additional results as they were found. No amount of waiting seems to change the results.

Auto-tag from Web has worked well with both versions when searching for an artist/CD, similar results. Searching for Various Artists/CD has been obviously worse with my install of The 60+ Various Artists CDs I have gone through with this version of Media Money have all had the same results. It is not just a few CDs.

It seems like the Auto-tag from Web search is emphasizing the "Various Artists" part and causes issues. Most of the time Various Artists is all that shows in the search box.

Please help. Thanks.
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Post by nohitter151 »

I just tried looking up some tracks with the auto-tag from web and in all cases it looked up <Album Artist> - <Album> when both fields were available. Perhaps the issue has been fixed in one of the newer beta versions (since I'm running the latest).
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Post by mirage1 » is showing as the current version. It was hard enough to find. Not sure how users are supposed to find the current updates, that would be my biggest gripe. No obvious links on the website.

Thanks for the reply though. Can anyone else verify that a more recent beta release fixes this problem? Any links for me to update my Gold membership to fix this?

Could it be an issue caused by my previous version of MM? I don't know what the specific version was.

Ok, I just found this: ... 4&start=30

For a beta version. I will give it a try and report back.
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Post by mirage1 »

I installed the latest Beta version last night and still have the same issue. I have some better examples though.

MM version - Non-skinned
memory usage in Task Manager: 57,832k
1105 Artists
1018 Albums
12,625 Tracks
59.34 Gb
I currently only have half of my collection added to MM, while I finish re-tagging. This does not appear to be a library size issue though.

On to the examples! Auto-tag from web on "Various Artists/Pure Disco" returns the correct result. BUT, the drop down has no other results, the CPU jumps from 0 to 100% usage twice a second, and I see network traffic every time it spikes. Closing the Auto-tag from Web results window returns CPU usage back to normal.

Auto-tag from web on "Various Artists/Psychedelic Pop" returns "Various Artists/Summer of Love: Gold", within 20 seconds, has no other results in the drop down, and continues to spike the CPU.

I let Auto-tag from Web sit for 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, I saw the CPU utilization drop back to normal and I had two results in the drop down, one was the correct album. During the 5 minute wait, the CPU was spiking continuously, and there were no additional results. Memory usage also goes up roughly 5Mb per minute that I leave the Auto-tag from Web window open, during the 5 minutes it is working.

I let another Auto-tag from Web sit for 20 minutes and it was still spiking the CPU. So I think this is result driven.

An additional point: openning Help/About pegs the CPU to 50% and stays there as long as I leave the window open. Closing the About window drops the CPU usage back to 0% for Media Monkey.

I think the next step is an uninstall/reinstall.

Re: Auto-Tag from web search options

Post by tve »

I'm having very much the same problem. The Auto-tag from web takes forever, cpu is pegged at 100%, drop down is slugginsh and opens an empty box eventually. MM eventually crashed on me, version
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Re: Auto-Tag from web search options

Post by Lowlander »

Are you tagging a single album or more?
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Re: Auto-Tag from web search options

Post by mirage1 »

Lowlander wrote:Are you tagging a single album or more?
I was tagging single albums every time. Various Artists albums are the biggest culprit.
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