MM creating multiple albums from just one

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graeme howorth
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MM creating multiple albums from just one

Post by graeme howorth »

This is a big big problem with iTunes, butI have noticed with MM as well. With compilations iTunes will create multiple new albums based upon the tracks within the compilation album and then take the tracks out of the compilation end up with 2 or so new albums all with one track each; this happens even if you ask iTunes not to do this. With MM I am getting a similar problem. For some reason it is splitting an album into fourseperate albums of the same name, some with just one or two tracks in them.

How can I stop MM doing this and how can I get the tracks to be recognised as just one album?

Hope this makes sense.

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Re: MM creating multiple albums from just one

Post by nohitter151 »

To be recognized as an album, all of the tracks need to have the same "Artist" as well as "Album artist" value.
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Re: MM creating multiple albums from just one

Post by nojac »

For MM to recognize a multi-artist compilation as one album, make sure the Album Artist is the same for all tracks. Most of us use "Various Artists" in the AlbumArtist field .

The Artist field is for the artist of the track and does not have to be the same for all tracks of an album.
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