FLAC & Auto-Organize

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FLAC & Auto-Organize

Post by 70melbatoast » Wed Apr 08, 2009 4:02 pm

Hello all. Long time forum lurker and user of MM, first time poster. This forum is truly a valuable asset to the community. I've learned so much from all of the users - thank you. :D But alas, I'm struggling here and can't seem to find assistance using a search.

I absolutely love MM, just as the rest of you do, but I'm running into an issue with FLAC and Auto-Organize. After using Auto-Organize, the files *SOMETIMES* do not appear or play in the library, *SOMETIMES* a couple will show up, and *SOMETIMES" nothing will show up. In every case, the files physically copy over to the correct location - BUT they are not renamed via the Auto-Organize rules. Re-scanning does not help, manually deleting and rescanning does not help either. Every so often a show will copy over perfectly - this is what bothers me so much - its intermittent. Here's some background. Using MM My library is located in one folder E:\Music, MM is set up to scan only this folder. I am a lover of the live show and I frequently download live concerts. I have two other folders that act as a repository (E:\Music dump (lossless) & E:\Music dump (lossy)) until they are correctly tagged before I move them (via Auto-Organize) to the E:\Music folder. Here is my procedure:
-MM is running
-I browse to one of my repository folders via "My Computer" node in the Tree
-I select the folder that contains the show
-I tag the show as needed
-I then right click on the entire show and select Auto-Organize Files...
-The files will appear to copy over/rename according to the status bar
-I scroll up the tree to the Library node to find the show and...no show
-If I browse for the show via Windows Explorer, the files are copied over, but are not renamed via the rules/nor do they show up in MM library (but I can play them via the "My Computer" node in MM).

What gives? Can anyone provide any insight? Am I missing a step here? Again, the problem is intermittent and is happening on about 75% of the shows I've moved over so far. I've been using the Audiotester program to check my FLAC's and they check out okay. I've also checked file/folder attributes. I've got 100+ gigs of FLAC to tag that I'm not looking to forward to if this keeps up (yeah, I've slacked). I've kind of hit a wall here and any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time. I'm gonna go have a beer.


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Re: FLAC & Auto-Organize

Post by MMan » Wed Apr 08, 2009 6:03 pm

Are you adding them to the Library before you do the auto-organize? If not, try adding them to the library with add/rescan for the appropriate "dump" folder, the correct the tags and then use auto organize by selecting them via the location node, not the My Computer node. Just a thought...

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Re: FLAC & Auto-Organize

Post by 70melbatoast » Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:14 pm

Thanks MMan. That seems to help...sort of. Its weird - I tried your suggestion on one show - It worked perfect just what I was looking for. The next show, I did the same thing, but - I had to do an add/rescan several times before it would show in the library for editing - again same thing - my files show up in the physical library folder, just non in MM. The third time I did add/rescan on that show, it worked. I'll try several more and see whats up. Its just odd that its intermittent. I don't think the drive is failing because everything else seems to be fine (documents, pics, mp3's, etc...)
Thanks for the help.


Added a bunch more shows and still having the same issues. Only now when I Auto-Organize I get the "Locate Missing Tracks" dialog because the files are not in the expected locations. Huh? No kidding, that's why I'm having it "Auto-Organize" and put in the library folder. Take the files from point A-rename them and put them in point B. What am I missing? Meh, its late, I'll try again tomorrow.

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