MM sometimes auto-skip song

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MM sometimes auto-skip song

Post by svenni »

This has happaned to me alot of times, but I have not found any pattern in when and why.
The problem is that MM sometimes skip a song in the playlist, and the song appears gray afterwords. Just like when a song is removed from the HD but not from the library. If I try to play the song again by doubleclick on it, usually it plays. But not always. Strange stuff...

Thanks for any help.

Using MM v 3.1.01236, but this has happaned for a long time.
Music is great!
MM with:
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Re: MM sometimes auto-skip song

Post by nohitter151 »

Grey tracks mean that the track has either been moved from the location that MM thinks that its in or that MM can't decode the file for some reason (unsupported format, corrupt track, etc).
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Re: MM sometimes auto-skip song

Post by Lowlander »

See this Knowledge Base article for more on this.
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