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Analyze Volume Results

Post by BobHelms »

After ripping a few CD's I'm finding that the 'Analyze Volume' function is invaluable. The obvious question is why can't they burn the CD's at the same volume levels!!? Oh well so much for that. After using this tool I find that vocals sound (for lack of a better description) "muddy". With leveling off and just turning down the amp volume it all sounds pretty good. Of course I have to get up and rotate the knob on a per track basis. Anyone else have an opinion on what it sounds like after using analyze volume?
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Re: Analyze Volume Results

Post by rovingcowboy »

i also found that and i found it is caused when monkey locks up or crashes it does seem to send the wav mixer volume all the way up to the loudest setting. going back in to it and resetting the wav mixer makes it all sound good again. so its muddy or scratchy sound i think is not monkey but windows. :o :(
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Re: Analyze Volume Results

Post by MMan »

If you are interested, here are a few links. The first is a white paper on digital music standards which has some interesting stuff what the human ear can hear and how the red book CD format/standard came about. The next has some good info on volume leveling and analysis in monkey and the third has some discussion on why 98db and the issues you raise regarding different views on CD mastering and why that causes problems.

IMO, I think volume analyzing and leveling for playback is useful for ear buds, your computer speakers and can be ok if you are staying in the same genre. However, certain genres can have problems with volume leveling. I found that using volume analysis and then leveling on playback does not work well for Classical music. Tracks that have long intentionally low volume sections get "pushed" too much which can cause pops/clipping on playback. The good news is that if you use volume analyze, it doesn't change the track and you can choose when to use it or not. ... &sk=t&sd=a ... 52#p195732
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