Just curious

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Just curious

Post by raharris »

I needed to reformat a network associated storage device (NAS). I did so.
I loaded Mediamonkey and the files (previously playable) were "grayed out".
I expected this.

I then put back all of the exact same data in the exact same directory structure on the reformatted drive.
Drive label and name and data remained exactly the same.

Mediamonkey was reloaded
Mediamonkey still "grayed out" all of the files.

I deleted the files in the library on this drive and rescanned and all is well.

Was this expected behavior? Is this the "Drive ID" issue

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Re: Just curious

Post by Bex »

raharris wrote: Was this expected behavior? Is this the "Drive ID" issue
Yes, MM uses the serial number of the HDD to identify it and not the drive letter.
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Re: Just curious

Post by raharris »

Thanks and a possibly related question

I am trying to set up MM for friend on a laptop with a single, large USB drive for music storage.

Should this scenario work or is there going to be some issue with every time the USB drive gets unplugged from the computer?


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Re: Just curious

Post by Mizery_Made »

Seeing as it uses a serial number of the HD to identify it, I don't think it would be an issue. I know that when plugging in USB devices, they can sometimes get a different Drive Letter, which would be an issue if it used the Drive Letter to identify, but I don't think the Drive's Serial Number would change between plug-ins. However, I don't use a USB Drive, thus this is just an educated guess/speculation on my part.
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Re: Just curious

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