Compilation album dilemma

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Compilation album dilemma

Post by Semt-x »


I know the trick to correctly tag compilation albums (by setting "album artist" field to Vaious Artists ) but it runs into a problem;
I have two compilation albums with the same name. When i tag it on the default method it shows 2 albums as one. I tried to set the "Catalog Number" id3 field because they differ. But it gets ignored by MM.

I could add the Catalog number in the "Album Artist" field something like "Various Artists KPM1234". which gets the desired result in MM but it isnt the correct usage of the id3 field.

Anyone have a thought ? Should MM count in the Catalog Number in the grouping mechanism of albums?

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Re: Compilation album dilemma

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Hi Sem,

It's cool when I listen to suggestions, like 'search before posting a new item.' Tonite, I found your post, and it's close to one I would have written!

I think for a moment about your question. How do I keep these items straight in my head, if I have to rely on the idv3 tags. I can remember what the covers look like, so brain can handle this! But fitting into idv3 fields, not so good. Way I worked out this problem (I had it also) was to use CD# to delineate them. The subject matter was the same so it worked for me, and the tracks remained separate though listed as one album. But brain knows what is up!

I hope this solution might help you too.

Where my question is different follows: I have a library I am now (thanks to daughter) hosting through MM and through iTunes, which is where my first question comes from:

I use 'artist' and 'album artist' independantly, 'artist' for a delimited list of participants and 'album artist' as the predominant artist's name - ex. 'artist' contains [john, paul, ringo, george] and 'album artist' contains [beatles]

Since adding library in iTunes I noticed that 'artist' is what they display, although they have an 'album artist' metadata field in properties. It got me wondering whether I'd used the two in reverse of their intended use... and of course now when a new song pops up in MM player's window, I see all the artist data instead of the album artist info. but I can't find a reference in help that mentions this... Which is which? Can anyone offer thoughts on this?
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