MiniLyrics & Audioscrobbler conflict?

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MiniLyrics & Audioscrobbler conflict?

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I have MiniLyrics (6.6.333) and Audioscrobbler (2.0.45) plug-ins. I've found that if I have MiniLyrics set to load at MM launch MM crunches away on the disk for minutes until I either quit the Last.FM scrobbler or MiniLyrics (via their respective tray apps)... but there's no problem launching MM when MiniLyrics is disabled at MM launch. Any idea what MM is doing with all this I/O disk access!?

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Re: MiniLyrics & Audioscrobbler conflict?

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I use Minilyrics and the MM native scrobbler and have no issues on startup:

Make sure you remove any other scrobblers you currently have installed when you install the MM extension for scrobbling.
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