Iod Color + MM 242 + itunes 49 = ???

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Iod Color + MM 242 + itunes 49 = ???

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i just read some articles here. As far as i could find out, that MM 242 is save with the new ipod color firmware.

I had an ordinary MP3 player from iriver. With that i used MM to sync all music files.

Now with the new Ipod i stopped using MM and used itunes. Works fine but i want my MM back :-)

Can i use MM to sync the music libary? Can i use itunes to sync the bought music files and the podcasts?

Will both programms work together or will i have doubles?

My problem is that not all music in itunes and MM are in the same directory. MM is diffently organized by myself. Due to that i had to double some music files to use it with MM and Itunes. (Converted audio books, so they appear in the special menu of the ipod. I also have the MP3 version for normal use on the pc). I do not want to have two versions on the ipod.

Hope my worries are clear. Anybody out there who is using both in a way i want to use it.


PS: I do not want to sync photos. so that's not a problem as MM does not support it yet.