Duplicate podcast downloads

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Duplicate podcast downloads

Post by Jimothy »

Sometimes when my podcasts are being updated, the most recent episodes are downloaded twice (occasionally three times). They're identical files, usually with identical tags, although sometimes they retain their original tags instead of the MM-assigned tags.

I think this is happens whenever MM checks for updates immediately upon Windows (I have 7) waking up from hibernation. My PC is scheduled to wake up with MM open at the same time every morning. My work-around right now is to manually update podcasts later in the day so that the automatic updates are rescheduled, but eventually it will revert back to updating upon wake-up and giving me duplicates. It would be nice if this bug was fixed.
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Re: Duplicate podcast downloads

Post by adoucette »

Is there a solution to this? MM is downloading a lot of duplicates. The podcasts will usually be named "filename.mp3" filename(1).mp3" "filename(2).mp3" etc.
How can I either prevent MM from downloading duplicates (preferable) or automatically remove the dupes after downloading?
Podcatching is one of the main reasons I purchased MM and am a little disappointed by its capabilities, slugishness, and errors.
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Re: Duplicate podcast downloads

Post by nohitter151 »

Obviously there shouldn't be any duplicate files downloaded. If there are, it's a bug. Please report as described:
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