Player's font size too small for TV

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Player's font size too small for TV

Post by goberre »

Hi Music Fans,

I have now hooked up my laptop to the TV as the monitor and have a remote for the computer with QWERTY. Works a treat and I can chill in the sofa while selecting tunes. Slight niggle though is that although I can increase the font size in MM's tree, nowplaying etc., it has no effect on the font size in the player along the bottom of the screen, hence I cannot read the current title, artist and track as it tiny on the big screen. I have tried a few skins but the same applies.

My question is how do you increase the font size for the player's title, artist and track info along the bottom of the screen or is there a skin better suited to HD TV resolution and 42" screen?

Many thanks
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Re: Player's font size too small for TV

Post by rovingcowboy »

by using a skin with larger fonts down there.

i made hillbilly rock diner with huge fonts down there. did that work at all for you?

which skin do you use ? maybe the author can redo the skin to work with your needs just for you.

it is not any way for the user to change the size of these fonts as they are in the skin for the player.
so us skinners control their size.

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