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Re: Export m3u playlist

Post by Lowlander »

Debug version can be installed over existing version and then uses the existing Library. No need to rescan files.
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Re: Export m3u playlist

Post by rovingcowboy »

umm? taking a long time to open the library list? are you rescanning it like lowlander thinks?? or are you saying it takes that long when you are just trying to open mm and you did not clear the now playing playlist?

long time to scan the database might be caused by too huge of database. are you using normal playlists? or do you use auto playlists? try to make as many of your normal playlists as you can in to auto playlists they are easier on database size.

but the bigger the db, the less space for virt mem, on your system. less mem means slower scan times. its all basic knowledge i know but i was just wanting to get it clear on what your system is really like. 8)
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Re: Export m3u playlist

Post by seed_or_die »

okay, i could never get the debug log to work, i'm sorry. but i have just noticed something else.

i select an album in the main window and try to export as m3u, it does nothing, but if i send the album to now playing and export m3u from there it works. so anyone needing this functionality that has the problem just send the tracks to now playing and you can create the playlists from there. at least on my system anyway.
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