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can someone hook me up with how to write this mask ?

I want it to , MM, to check for the word 'LIve' or 'Remix' now that I think about it in both album and song title and put those files in <somwhere>
specifically [drive]:\>\<library>\<album artist>\<Live>\<album>\<track#> - <title> .

Anyway the reason is that I accidently reformatted my main music drive and have been recopying from friends and have tons of dupes I just want to delete the 'studio album dupes ' and not anything off a live or demo or remix disc...
ya know should be like if(string='Live', <true path>, <false path>)
I just want to make sure I have it right and I want it to check both strings, album , and title if i need 2 statements that's cool
hopefully ,,,they dont override each other. like I can make many rules right , they dont all have to be one string do they ???
Anyway help with writing this mask so I can delete the dupes in a stroke instead of browsing would be a life saver

I had another thought, I like my tracks to be vbr ~160 kbs so can I delete just files that fall outside of ~150-200 Kbs ???
like if i have a 128 and 192 copy I want the 192 and not the 128 but if its 320 and 160 i would rather have the 160 ....
is their anyway I can do this maybe even changing my basic auto organize mask to organize by bit rate and then I could correlate
and keep the rate I want and delete the one I dont like I could just make bit rate a folder between album and tracks for same album different
rate .... then I can get them and choose would be even cooler if I could delete by bit rate .... like if a warning came up saying this
copy is higher bit rate <blank amt > a copy , <blank amt exists> and choose like removing from playlist , or library or computer or whatever

just a thought but that would be really neat wouldnt it ???
the world is yourz. Keep up wit da scorz I have time for discourse if u really need help I might could figure it out fo shorez ....latz