Hate Mediamonkey 4, how to fix it?

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Hate Mediamonkey 4, how to fix it?

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I absolutely hate the new look of Mediamonkey 4. I think the whole glassy look is simply unnecessary, and the new Glided skin is impossibly dense with the menu at the top impossible to read with its unnecessary shadows. Given that there's no way to simply make it look good, and since new features are apparently not going to come to Mediamonkey 3, is there an easy way to keep my existing installation that looks good and have a second one for syncing to my iPod with iOS 5 and auto-tagging correctly?

If that won't work, is there any good way of eliminating some of the cruft that comes with the new look change? For example, why do there have to be tabs to choose which album art is being displayed? Given that I see no use for the tabs for listening to my music, can I hide that in any way? Is there any way to hide the annoying icons that appear in the collections menu?

Please help, Mediamonkey has by far been the best media player I've used but if I can't have a combination of good features and a decent look I can't continue to recommend people to buy it.
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Re: Hate Mediamonkey 4

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You're not alone.
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For my part, I have upgraded to MM4. After digging into problems like scripts not working, skins invalidated, and many configuration issues, I've fixed what I could and tried at my best to restore the appearance I had in MM3.

The result is not so bad, but I must admit that I don't like it. In addition to my previous setup that has not been restored, I experienced shortcuts problems, scripts corrupting Mediamonkey.INI and other issues. I don't use podcasts nor videos, and all this makes MM4 look too cluttered for me.

So I decided stick to MM3, for the moment. It took me a while to switch from MM 2.5 to MM 3.0, I think it will take as much time to switch to MM 4.0.
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Re: Hate Mediamonkey 4, how to fix it?

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