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Multiple database synchronization

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:22 pm
by MarineBrat
I have three computers from which I like to run MediaMonkey. My laptop, my desktop, and a PC that I have in the living room hooked up to the TV & stereo. The music files are on an external hard disk connected to the desktop, which I never turn off. It's shared as the M: drive over the network, and each installation of MediaMonkey has access to that music via M:.

I tried doing a portable install of MM on the M: drive so that the machines would all use the same database, but I found that there were serious problems if I inadvertently ran that portable MM from more than one computer at the same time. I also was not happy with the slowness of how it ran doing it that way.

So I did local installs on the three machines, and had them share the database via the following line in the MediaMonkey.ini file...

Code: Select all

But I'm still unhappy with how slow it runs that way. The database has around 33,000 MP3 files, and using the shared SQLite database over the network is slower than I'm wanting to work. I've optimized the network as much as possible. The external drive is only USB 2.0, and I've considered copying all that to an internal hard disk on the desktop, which would be a bit faster, but I'm convinced that after being spoiled all these years of running locally, and the speed that goes with that method, it would make little difference. So, I'm back to 3 local installs and three local MM.DB files.

That means that I've got to keep track of the work I'm doing and try to keep the three databases synchronized. I'm wondering if anyone has ironed out a "system" to keep the overhead to a minimum? My first inclination is to write a nice DOS Batch/CMD file that brings up a menu with some choices about backing up the database and then copying it to/from the network. I'm what most people would consider to be an expert with complex batch files with self contained menus and smart logic to compare file dates, etc. But before I reinvent the wheel, has anyone else come up with a nice method for keeping multiple installs synchronized?

The MM version I'm running is usually the latest 4.03 beta. The OS's are Windows 7 and Vista.



Re: Multiple database synchronization

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:48 pm
by Lowlander
You'd first want to try File > Maintain Library with complete optimization and also defrag the database file. You'd also want to store the DB on the fastest drive that's always available (internal will beat external in most cases). Also make sure you check things like File Monitor and stuff that auto-runs and requires database access. This will also make access slower.

If none of that resolves the slowness you can explore a central MM with central DB and share this DB over DLNA to other PC's. Other PC's can access files and playlists, but can't modify files and playlists. If editing takes place on single PC this may be a good solution and it has the added bonus of registering all plays in same DB.

If that is not an option you should still consider sharing the same DB between machines that make edits to the files. It just makes things easier if only one DB is tracking edits. The remainder of MM installs could run their own DB and you could use the File Monitor to keep them up to date.

There is also an addon to synchronize some data between databases: ... layhistory

Re: Multiple database synchronization

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:18 pm
by MarineBrat
Thanks for the feedback. I may have to look into that sync program you linked to. It looks interesting, and I'd like it if it were able to sync my multiple databases from different computers over the years.

I wish MM made it easier to tell the location of the current active DB and INI files, and to switch between them. There should be an option under "File" to open another database.

Re: Multiple database synchronization

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:57 pm
by Lowlander
You could use ini switching from the command line to make it easier: ... ticleid=45

Re: Multiple databases

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:21 pm
by TWKArtist
Let's start this up again -- I am one of those people who definitley would like to see the ability to switch between DB's *while* MM is running.

Yes, I do use filters, but the real reason I have for wanting multiple DB's is SIZE. I am trying to manage over 100,000 music files and, at times and during certain operations, it takes a long time waiting while MM finishes it's task. Having multiple DB's with a smaller number of files in them would make the work SO much faster.

And, as Zvezdan has pointed out -- almost ANY serious program or app available these days will allow the user to work with multiple documents or DB's open at the same time. So, what's wrong with MM doing it too...? I love the program for what it does, but I can certainly fault it for what it does not.

So, let's finally get this ball rolling developers, huh...???