The classical ghetto

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The classical ghetto

Post by mark12356 »

I have fallen foul of the "helpful" feature of MM that puts files labeled as "classical" in their own little ghetto. So when I look for my music by location, in the directory "Schumann", his concertos and lieder are there, but not orchestral works that I have been stupid enough to label as "classical".

Will somebody please tell me the magic sequence of buttons that I need to push to get round this wounderful feature, because I have spent half an hour trying to find it and have failed so far.

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Re: The classical ghetto

Post by MPG »

I suspect you may need to reinstall. The dll used to play mp3's, I can't remember the name off the top of my head, may have lost it's registration. Reinstalling should resolve it.
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Re: The classical ghetto

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Thanks, that works
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Re: The classical ghetto

Post by Lowlander »

I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish?

If you want to show all music files including the Classical Music files in the Music Collection just edit (File > Manage Collections) the Music Collection (Gold Feature) to include the criteria Type = Classical Music. Free users can enable the Entire Library Collection to see all their files together.

If you want some files to show in the Classical Music Collection that currently don't you can open the Properties (right click on files > Properties) and change Type to Classical Music.
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