Reorganizing Library, Album Artist = Artist, Genres...

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Reorganizing Library, Album Artist = Artist, Genres...

Post by Guest » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:43 pm

Hiedi-ho, fellow music lovers, (and possibly inner librarians)

I feel so overwhelmed by my undertaking of attempting to wrangle order into my music collection. I have made this attempt before over the past several years and given up after several weeks. This particular attempt has been going on a couple of months, so I must be feeling particularly stubborn or I'm procrastinating about something else. ;)

I've been attempting to use MM4 for a couple of weeks now, and while I feel like things are better, I still feel like I'm swimming upstream in quicksand.

So, the first thing I did was back everything up. (Because I'm a programmer by trade and that's what we do.) Then I started only with the 380 tracks I have downloaded from iTunes in the last decade. Then I added to those the mp3s that I do not have on CDs. Most of these mp3s either were not tagged properly to begin with or were "fixed" by programs like TuneUp and the like and actually ended up with incorrect artwork, song titles, artists, genres, album titles, and other meta or a mish-mash of wrongness. So, I'll look over at my iPhone, thinking "I really like this. It's like Nickelback." And the album cover for ABBA Gold is displayed, which...hey, I like them both but they don't sound anything alike and Nickelback is way more naughty.

I started ripping my soundtrack CDs while I worked on the 1300+ tracks in the library, thinking it wouldn't take too long with MM's Add-on's and features. Boy, was I wrong!

So, here are the important things to me:

1. Have the following info correct on every song: Album, Album Artist, Artist, Song Title, Genre, Disc#/Track#, Artwork
-- I know that a few of the songs do not actually have Album info as they were recorded during live performances; in which case, some sort of default should be defined.

2. A set of genres/sub-genres need to be decided upon and adhered to. If a song's genre cannot be determined, then the album's genre is to be used; if the album's genre cannot be used, then the artist's genre is to be used. Should Surf Pop or World Folk be unique genres?

3. When the Album Artist is "Various" or "Various Artists", Album Artist = Artist, except in the case of the genre of Musicals.

4. In the case of Musicals or Stage Productions, the Album Artist = <Album> Cast

5. Filenames should be: <album title> (track#) -- <title>.ext (in lowercase)

6. The folder structure should be:

\Music\<Album Artist>\
\Music\<Album Title>\ -- only in the case of Musicals, Classical Compilations

So, far, everything has been pretty clunky.

I can't find a way to get MM to rip my CDs into mp3s with the artist, album, etc. info, so I'm still doing it through iTunes. Then I have to move the files into MM. When they go, they lose their artwork and sometimes some of the other important meta.

I can't find any way to mass correct or find the genres except by looking up each song one by one, and Wikipedia seems to be my best bet, until I come across one of my weird covers or an artist too new or off the beaten path.

In fact, the only one of those things I've managed to automate is #5. I'm having to touch every single song/track in my library, which I sort of was trying to avoid. The Auto-Tag from the Web, doesn't collect all the data, and I usually have to go through 5 or 6 iterations to find the correct album/artist/song. Only discogs has the genre but then it's only right about the song 20% of the time.

And maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I need some different masks. Need a different add-on or need something set up differently. I just feel so overwhelmed.

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Re: Reorganizing Library, Album Artist = Artist, Genres...

Post by jennylynne » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:46 pm

That post was me. I don't know why it didn't log me in.

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Re: Reorganizing Library, Album Artist = Artist, Genres...

Post by BKKKPewsey » Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:21 am

jennylynne wrote:And maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I need some different masks. Need a different add-on or need something set up differently. I just feel so overwhelmed.
Don't be once you have the masks setup correctly it becomes fairly straightforward.
Remember you can set-up different masks for specific situations eg classical /compilations/OST etc
which may be easier to start with then using an all encompassing (do everything) mask.

MM's greatest power is achieved with the add-ons eg Genre Finder ... =2&t=15774
If you listed what extensions you currently have installed/use then I am sure the forum users would suggest others more suitable for what you are trying to do.
I would also suggest posting specific queries as your post is a bit overwhelming :D
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Re: Reorganizing Library, Album Artist = Artist, Genres...

Post by jennylynne » Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:35 pm

Thank you for answering!

Everything I have is either in mp3 or m4a formats.

I've been trying to figure out the whole mask thing the last few days.

And I finally think I figured out where I was going so wrong (ie. not getting any results at all) with the GenreFinder, but again like the masks, i don't understand the "language" used to create the white and black lists and I haven't been proficient in finding documentation or more than one or two examples. So, I haven't felt courageous enough to use it.

I tried the following mask for folders in auto-organize:

Code: Select all

$Lower($If(<Genre>=musical,<Album>,$If(<Album Artist>=various,$If(<Artist>=ensemble,<Album>,<Artist>),$If(<Album Artist>=various artists,<Artist>,<Album Artist>))))
But I didn't run it because it doesn't actually recognize the albums tagged with "musical" since they also have other genre tags. I didn't see any sort of regexp type of command for the masks so I assume even though MM allows you to enter multiple genres with a semi-colon, it treats the entire field for each track as a singular string, rather than more like a real database.

I have been a little frustrated with some of the add-ons or rather some of the results of queries from the add-ons. It doesn't seem like any one things returns all of the problems. For example, MM's basic "unknown artwork" has nothing but under "Tagging Inconsistencies">"Some Tracks Misses Album Art", there are 8 tracks. MM doesn't appear to be particularly intuitive with linking the artwork with the albums. I have over 600 that "Tagging Inconsistencies" indicate have art but do not have "cover art". Other than manually touching each one, I have no idea how to correct this. Plus, despite the fact that "Files to Edit" says there are no tracks without artwork, a casual scan of the library shows that there are definitely files without artwork. It's perplexing to me.

Also, I tried to use the add on called "Track Redirection" but it seems to not do any of the things I think it should and the one thing I thought I understood it should do -- find the duplicates and delete the lower bitrate tracks, it found the duplicates and deleted the higher bitrate tracks, which I thought was odd. Why would anyone want that?

So, I'm sort of having a "comedy of errors". All because I want a clean music library, so I can create decent playlists rather than press shuffle on 3000+ songs that have nothing to do with each other and listen to my office mate complain about why we're listening to the Christmas music again. ;) ('Cuz no matter how often I thought I'd tagged it as Holiday and removed it from the playable list, it kept creeping back on my iPhone...)

So, which thing should I focus on first? Maybe if I focus on one thing to fix, ask about it, get everything in the library fixed with it and then move on...


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Re: Reorganizing Library, Album Artist = Artist, Genres...

Post by Lowlander » Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:42 pm

$First(<Genre>) may work if musical is the first value: ... ormats/4.0
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