Pls Help w/ complex auto-organize mask

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Pls Help w/ complex auto-organize mask

Post by jennylynne » Wed Jul 04, 2012 6:23 pm

I think I finally have all of the current tracks on my PC correctly labeled as far as album, artist, album artist, and title. I've also added a genre of Musical to anything like Cats, Hair, A Chorus Line, etc. (That will be important in a bit.)

Now I want to set up my Auto-Organize so as I re-add the CDs back into the mix, they will be filed into the correct folders and the files will be named appropriately. However, I'm having some problems with the complexity. I can get so far and then either I can't figure out how to make the "mask language" to work with the multiple selections in a field or I get lost in the "if, true, false". Hopefully, some of you guru's can help me.

FYI, I do have the latest version of MM and a lifetime Gold license.

1. Everything should be in lower case.
2. Track Numbers should appear in the file name as two digits minimum. (ie. 01 or 10)
3. Disc Numbers should be populated; if this is an unknown value, default to 1.
4. If the <Genre> contains Musical, <Album Artist> should be changed to "<Album> Cast"
5. If <Album Artist> = "Various" or "Various Artist", change to <Artist>, unless <Genre> contains Musical.
6. If <Album Artist> = "Ensemble" and <Genre> does not contain Musical, change to <Album>


<Album> (Track#:2) -- <Title>.ext

Possible Paths:

\Music\<Album Artist>\
\Music\<Album> Cast\

One of the problems I run into is that Genre contains multiple things separated by semi-colons and it doesn't recognize this.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Pls Help w/ complex auto-organize mask

Post by Lowlander » Thu Jul 05, 2012 12:54 am

See: ... ormats/4.0

1) $lower(<Artist>) gives lower case Artist, but note that if you ever have to use Auto-Tag from Filename all tags will be lower case
2) <Track:2>
3) $if(<Disc#>,<Disc#>,1)
4) $if(<Genre>=Music,<Album> cast,<Album Artist>)
7) You can use $First(<Genre>,1,1) to get the first genre.
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Re: Pls Help w/ complex auto-organize mask

Post by jennylynne » Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:50 am

OK What if, I know that "Musical" is always going to be last, but I don't know how many other possible genre designations might be there? I see that you can use that "skip" option, but you have to know where in the string it's always going to be.

I have three "special" genres that always appear at the end and they can even appear on the same track, or not. "Cover", "Soundtrack", and "Musical", and in that order. "Soundtrack" is only for films and "Cover" is obviously for songs that were originally performed by someone else, and I actually have made a hobby of collecting those, probably have more of those than the originals. ;) With "Soundtrack" and "Cover" in particular, there are usually mainstream genres such as Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie, Dance Remix, Jazz... I don't want "Cover", "Soundtrack, or "Musical" to appear on my iPhone, so I painstakingly went in and made sure they appeared at the end and in that particular order, thinking I'd be able to use it for this sort of thing.

It does seem like if there is a first() there should be a last(). Hmmmmm....

I think I am going to try the following:

Code: Select all

<Artist> [<Album> ($if(<Disc#>,<Disc#>,1)x<Track #:2>)] <Title>
As a basic starting point for the file name. I have been finding that even with the Files to Fix, some dups have slipped in and I think it might be easier to catch them if the artist and the title were both in the filename. When I sort on the pathway, I'll find them PDQ.

And, btw, I do appreciate you taking your time to help. Sometimes I make things harder than they have to be. ;)


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