Plugging in Iphone cuts volume in half

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Plugging in Iphone cuts volume in half

Post by Slwro_child »

Recently switched over to the latest MM. When MM is up and playing, and I plug in my Iphone, the volume from the player is lowered, a lot. The actually volume bar does not change, and raising it to the max does not bring the music volume to the same level. Also, I've noticed that it also affects other programs, one example would be Battlefield 3, that volume is also lowered.

If I restart MM after plugging in my Iphone, the volume is normal again.

I'm on Windows 7. Running my audio off a Creative card hooked to my Yamaha receiver via tos-link. Please advise.

Also, I really have no intentions of using MM to sync Iphone, been using that plug in which syncs with Itunes, then Itunes to sycn with the Iphone. I'm just plugging in my phone to charge the device.
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Re: Plugging in Iphone cuts volume in half

Post by nohitter151 »

That is not normal, it certainly is not something on the MM end of things. It sound like you have a sound driver issue.
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